When Your Girlfriend Is Mad What Should You Do? 11 Ways To Make Her Smile

Can there be anything more irritating and disheartening for a man than not knowing what’s wrong with his girlfriend? If you are a man, regardless of how old you are and how long you have been in a relationship with that person, surely you have had to deal with your girlfriend’s bad mood at some point And who says bad mood, also says sadness, melancholy or transient anger that appears unexpectedly and ruins all our security.

Women are very sensitive beings, that is a universal truth known by all men. Now, does that have to mean that we can never get to understand how their emotions work and figure out the best way to deal with the situation and put an end to the problem? Of course not, you just need a little guidance and know what are the keys to understanding your girlfriend and her mood swings.

And that’s exactly what we will do next, explain to you the 11 best ways to calm your girlfriend down when she gets mad at you and you don’t understand why.

What to do if your girlfriend is mad at you?

Here are 11 essential tips that will help you answer two of the most frequently asked questions among men around the world: How do you get your girlfriend to stop being mad at you? Should I give my girlfriend space if she is mad at me?

Read on to find out everything!

1. Talk it over with her

Before making any rash decisions or getting upset with her because you don’t know why she’s having such a sudden mood change, the first thing you should do is talk to her. Communication is essential in a relationship, that is something that all experts in human relationships tell us. However, this not only applies to the development of new relationships but is also basic for their survival and growth.

Young couple discussing important matters.

How do you expect your relationship to be stronger if you are not able to have a serious conversation when things get complicated? The reality is that in order to have a healthy love relationship, what we need is to be able to have uncomfortable conversations. Of those in which sometimes we discover new things about our partner that we do not like so much, but that we must accept if we really love the other person and those in which we will also let see facets of our personality that we kept hidden by shame or embarrassment. But, talking is always necessary.

Therefore, if your girlfriend is very angry or sad for no apparent reason, ask her nicely what is wrong. In this way, you will first find out if the blame for the situation has been generated by you doing something that you have not realized or you will know that the problem comes from elsewhere.

In both cases, our advice is to stay humble and put your ego aside momentarily for the sake of your relationship. Your girlfriend is hurting and that is the most urgent thing now. The rest can wait and you will also have your chance to show your annoyance if you wish later. Care about her sincerely and she will get back to you.

2. Give her flowers

If you have already established that you are to blame for the whole problem and the situation is serious, one of the best ways to soften the situation and reassure your girlfriend will always be flowers. Perhaps this advice may seem old-fashioned, since giving flowers to our girlfriends is something that our grandparents used to do in times when they did not have access to many luxuries, however, it is not so and flowers are a timeless gift that will warm the heart of any woman.

Show your remorse, prepare the house with a more romantic atmosphere (if you can and you feel like it), otherwise simply present yourself to her with a large bouquet of fresh flowers and ask her for forgiveness in a sincere way.

However, for this apology to have more effect you should know what are the favorite flowers of your girlfriend, and if you do not know, talk to the owner of a good florist to explain what are the best flowers to ask for forgiveness and show our love. Because yes, there are more flowers than just red roses. Give her some imagination and you will surely surprise her and make her anger diminish little by little.

3. Listen to her and try to be her confidant

There is a universal belief about women that says that sometimes women do not need their problems to be solved, let alone a man to solve them for them, but they are just looking for someone to listen to them.

And for men sometimes the female mentality is too complex, especially when they are angry or sad and do not communicate clearly about it that’s when we feel more confused and tend to mess up trying to put the solution to what we think is happening, when in fact we do not have to do anything special: just listen to them.

Man comforting his lady while seating on a bench.

Sit next to her and ask her in a kind and calm way to explain what is happening to her, or just sit close to her and wait for her to calm down or to start expressing all her feelings. You don’t need to answer her. Just stay close, nod when appropriate, make her feel good if you notice that her sadness makes her feel bad about herself, and hug her if she allows you to do so.

You will find that after a few minutes and after she has been able to unburden herself and express out loud everything she feels, she will start to calm down and you will be able to communicate with her more easily.

4.  Make her laugh and approach the situation with humor

Laughter is the best medicine for the soul. If you’ve had an argument or she’s had a stressful week and is taking it out on you, one of the best ways to break the situation and make her forget all her problems is to make her laugh.

Maybe this advice may seem a bit frivolous to you: “Couple problems are not solved by telling jokes,” you may think. And it is very true, but we are not asking you to solve the whole problem by telling a good joke or giving your girlfriend a naughty smile, no. We are asking you to calm her down, to distract her from the chaos in which she is immersed (and for which you still don’t know the reason), and bring her back to your world, to your common space.

In this way, she will feel more secure and relaxed, and she will probably start talking about what is happening to her more naturally than by approaching the subject in a serious and distant way.

On the other hand, if you are good with words or sing well, it would also be a good idea to try to get her to smile by writing her a poem she can read when she gets home, or singing her favorite song in a fun and sexy way. Anything is valid as long as you manage to make her laugh, relax her and make all that bad mood she has accumulated fade away, making it easier to communicate and avoid a fight that would take you nowhere.

5. Give Her a Hug

Sometimes we don’t need to say anything, we don’t even need an explanation from the other person and the other person doesn’t need to give it or start talking about what he/she feels. Sometimes we just need to feel the other person close, not only spiritually but also physically, and the best way to achieve this is through a hug.

Who can resist a warm embrace in the arms of the person they love the most? Especially if we are angry, sad, or stressed being hugged without asking us anything and without the need to need a response from us is really healing.

Therefore, if your girlfriend is in a bad way, you notice her really sad or angry for no reason, do not hesitate for a moment to approach her and hug her. In this simple way you will be letting her know the most important thing: that you love her and that no matter what happens, you will always be by her side to try to overcome it together.

6. Give her gifts

Giving gifts is also an option when you have generated the problem and you are desperate to get your loved one’s forgiveness. And perhaps this may seem superficial to you since no mistake should be corrected with something material, but with sincere forgiveness and a change of attitude. However, accompanying this change of attitude with a gift full of symbolism can also be really helpful, at least to calm things down and soften your girlfriend’s heart

Man giving a surprise gift to his girlfriend.

Think of something that symbolizes something important to you or just something that you know she was really looking forward to, an unexpected trip to a romantic place, a framed picture of you with a nice message, a giant stuffed animal with a heart saying you love her, etc.

Whatever it is, make it nice and show that you have chosen it especially for her and to show her that you care about your relationship. Be very sorry and look for the ideal gift, this way things will start to calm down and her mood will improve.

7. Invite her to dinner or cook her favorite meal for her

There is a belief that many women are able to fall in love with men because of their stomachs, but what about women? Don’t they appreciate a good meal and the culinary skills of a good chef? Especially if the chef is her boyfriend trying to apologize to her in any way he can.

So, don’t hesitate for a moment to take her to dinner at your favorite restaurant or cook her (if you know how to cook) her favorite dish to calm her down and start apologizing. Women with a full stomach are more understanding and tend to be less angry, so right after a delicious sweet is the ideal time to address the problem and apologize from the heart.

As a tip, we recommend that you go for a simple dish to prepare if you choose to be the chef for the evening, such as Italian cuisine, a pasta Bolognese dish always feels good and is a dish that any amateur cook can prepare in a short time.

On the other hand, if you choose to go to a restaurant for dinner because your cooking skills are not up to par, we recommend that you prepare something special in a private room or that you dedicate some music to it (if the restaurant allows you to do so). This way, not only will you make her stomach happy, but you will also make her heart melt for all that you are doing to get her forgiveness.

8. Ask for forgiveness

In the end, the simplest thing is also the most necessary: a timely apology can also be the right thing to do. Because beyond buying her flowers, singing songs, or taking her to dinner at a nice restaurant, if our partner is angry with us for something we have done wrong and that has seriously hurt her feelings, the only thing she will want first of all is an apology.

And when we tell you to apologize, we don’t mean that you send her a WhatsApp message with a nice emoticon or audio, but that you elaborate a good apology in person with which she can feel that your regret is sincere and that you really love her and intend to be with her always.

Prepare everything well (preferably create a romantic atmosphere at home, with candles and music or fill the bed with rose petals) and find a good list of arguments with which she can feel that your apology is real.

Young man apologizes as a good gesture.

The apology is the basis of reconciliation and the more convincing it is, the more likely you are to succeed. Otherwise, the anger your girlfriend feels will grow and then turn into an unpleasant feeling of disappointment, and believe me it is much more difficult to make disappointment go away than anger.

So, hurry up and prepare your apologies and start calming the waters between you and your girlfriend as soon as possible, otherwise, the end of your relationship might be closer than you think.

9. Make her feel loved

Is your girlfriend sad? distant or melancholic? Women are complex beings but sometimes they send us unmistakable signals that all they need is a little love. To feel more loved by their partners and a good dose of pampering to change their mood and make your relationship back to what it was.

If she is distant but looks for you, there is no doubt: your girlfriend is giving you a wake-up call and telling you that she needs more from you, more affection, more attention. So you should have quickly interpreted all these signals and done what is necessary to put an end to this problem, and the truth is that the solution is quite simple and pleasant: love her.

Let her know that you love her and spend more time with her. She is your girlfriend and if you really love her you should look for any way to spend more time together and share unforgettable intimate moments.

In this way and with a lot of patience, since people’s moods do not change as fast as we would like, you will get her mood to improve and she will be cheerful and affectionate with you as before. Because sometimes all it takes to fix a problem is to stop and look carefully at the situation and read the signals that our partner sends us.

10.  Show yourself calm and let her know that your feelings are pure and unconditional

Right now, after reading this advice you may be thinking that it is impossible to stay calm when your girlfriend is mad at you and you don’t understand the reason, but it is possible and if you manage to do it you will not only calm her down, but you will also be able to get some benefit to improve your relationship. And how do you achieve that? Very simple, by showing her that your feelings are really strong despite all the tantrums and mood swings she may have.

If your girlfriend is a woman with a complicated character, very sensitive, and prone to tantrums, show her that despite all that you will be there to try to calm her down, understand her and let her know that she is not alone, will not make her angrier, but it will make her realize how much you love her and that will undoubtedly put her in a very good mood.

11.  Look her in the eyes, give her your best smile and tell her that you love her

Our last tip may be one of the simplest but as we have said before, the simple is sometimes the most necessary, and when it comes to love even more so. If she is in a bad mood or sad, approach her and look at her with love, give her a sincere smile, one of those that say that you stay by her side despite everything, even if she does not want to explain it to you.

Happy couple looking happy at each other.

And who can resist a sincere show of love? Not even the angriest woman in the world can not give in to such a sincere gesture of love.


In conclusion, we all know that the female mentality is extremely complex and that being able to always make our girlfriends happy is not always easy, in fact, it is quite unlikely that throughout a relationship there are no fights or moments of estrangement on the part of either of the two.

However, with all the tips we have given you throughout this post and with a lot of patience, you will surely be able to put a solution to any tantrum your girlfriend has from now on.

Never doubt the power of love and courage!

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