When Do Guys Start Missing Their Ex? Here’s The Truth

The common question for most women who still internalizing their post-breakup experience is to wonder about “When do guys start to miss you after a breakup?”

Women are forgiving and tend to come back for security while men can become nostalgic and miss you when they realize that they don’t have the support they got used to and their life never got better without you. When that happens, guys would often start to apologize and they wanted to get that emotional validation from you.

Each has their own set of expectations that would wake them up from reality whether they would push through with their relationship or go on and find another. It all depends on the feelings and reciprocation of one another.

So if you are wondering when do guys start to miss you after a breakup, this may be a good read article for you.

When Do Guys Start to Miss You After A Breakup?

He starts missing you when he feels the lack of your presence, support, comfort and that you are no longer a part of his life. A guy will surely miss you when he realizes that life has been better with you and he can no longer experience that when you are no longer around. There is no definite time but make sure that you keep your distance from him for a while.

With your distance, he would surely miss the routine and the romantic dates that you used to have plus the comfort that he gets when you’re around to support him and his needs.

Cutting off your existence for some time will make him miss you and eventually would try to contact you when that time comes. Your mind wanders around the question of when do guys start to miss you after a breakup probably because you start missing him too and you’d like to know how long for him to feel the same way as you do.

How long does it take for a guy to miss you after a breakup?

The usual time that a guy misses you is uncertain because it depends on the person. Some would experience it fastest in a week while others would take months or years just to miss you after the break-up.

Three types of guys or dumpsters will miss you quicker than the rest of them.

  • The first one is the depressed type or the one that is unhappy with himself most of the time. He comes back not later than a week or two as he is the quickest to miss you after a break-up. He is constantly longing for you and tries to win you back but eventually leaves when he feels like the relationship isn’t fulfilling enough to make him internally happy. He stays, he leaves, coming and going until he misses you again too quickly.
  • The second type of guy is the “indecisive” or someone who doesn’t know what he wants because he is looking for others out there to catch. He is not committed to working out the relationship but he is expecting someone that will but eventually dumps them for another whom he feels worthy. With that, he goes out on a date with anybody until he realizes that no one is better than you as you become his ex. That’s when he comes back running and crying into your arms just to have you back in his life again.
  • The third is the insecure type of dumpster that comes back because he is jealous and can’t let you go that easily. He can’t get over you and fears that someone else will take his place and he demands control of the break-up. He wants to validate his feelings and sense of belongingness that makes him so toxic in a relationship.

Do all guys miss you during no contact?

Some guys will miss during no contact but most guys just probably won’t. The only way not to miss your ex is to develop the kind of mentality that you can seek happiness within yourself.

Guys who figured out their lives and don’t rely on their partners won’t miss you. They are the kind of guys that might give you a call when they have no one to talk to or they are bored. They can’t miss you if they are too busy with their life or they are already stable that they won’t mind their daily routine without you in it.

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Establish your priorities and get over your ex so that you can live your life again. One day if things didn’t go his way, he might realize that he misses you. Keep in mind that you need to be independent and not rely on your partner too much so that in the end when things go wrong on your end, you know how to stand your ground and keep your composure even if you are longing for that guy as you kept your distance.

Keep yourself busy and do things on your own or find a hobby that can make you productive. That way you’ll never mind the time and you’d be able to find that happiness at your own pace.

How to make guys miss you

Your total absence would make a guy miss you. An indefinite no-contact is the best way for your ex to miss you even if you’re not expecting too much that it will happen. Be gone and make use of your time to develop yourself.

No contact is very effective because it will create space and healing during the time that you’re away from each other. Make him gain his respect from you by staying away from him and letting him miss you on his terms. Let him experience that feeling of longing because that is a surefire way to let him feel that he missed you.

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Give yourself a break by letting your mind away from thoughts of being in a romantic relationship with your partner. Space and time are what you need to make you both realize if you do like each other in the end.

Give him the space that he needs and distance yourself from him to let him regain his respect for you or to make him miss you. Always keep your heads up no matter what and focus on your happiness for a while to let him and other people realize what you are worthy of.

Keep out of the usual places where you might bump at each other to be gone and avoid your presence in his sight for a while. Give yourself space to think about all of the things that will make you happy even if it doesn’t include him. Travel and go to other places if possible so that your mind can also learn to relax and it can make you breathe better and refresh yourself in a new environment.

My ex says he doesn’t miss me

That is totally fine! If your ex told you that he didn’t miss you, it means that you need to distance yourself from him. It’s a clear sign that he does not want you around and you need to step back to give him the space that he needs. Never force him to miss you, just let him be.

You must implement the no contact rule immediately to avoid false hopes and attachments that may lead to toxic arguments and disappointments. There should be no expectations after a break-up because it can cause conflict for both parties and that needs to be avoided as much as possible.

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There is no point in forcing the guy or for you to feel the same way after a break-up or even thinking about him missing you or not. It could be that he found someone or he doesn’t like you to be in his life so give him what he wants, give him the space he needs to avoid any conflict between you as exes.

Though it may be through that he’ll only miss you when you’re gone, don’t expect too much so that you’ll never get disappointed. Focus and help build yourself first because that is the most important thing to do.

What if I’m the one who is missing him?

Naturally, you missed him no matter how bad things have been between you and your guy. You may wonder about what is going on in his life even if it doesn’t concern you. It’s the same thing for him, he misses you at some point and he’s keeping his silence so that you have to stay away and let him have his space to let him think about his life and his future.

You both have planned to be with each other in the future until things go wrong between you both that you opt to be with your separate lives. Those plans have become an individual goal but there’s a point wherein you’re thinking about doing it better with him that’s why women tend to become more forgiving and tend to come back for security as mentioned.

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You’ll miss him when he’s gone but learn to stand your ground and keep it to yourself for a while. Let him be the one that will miss you and your lack of presence would likely be effective in time if he’s really into you.

As you miss him and things are not working so well, keep yourself busy, learn new things, hobbies and might as well discover new talent. That way it will keep your mind occupied and avoid thinking about that guy for now. Remember to know your worth, respect, and love yourself as well before learning to love another person or your ex again.

What if the guy never misses me?

If that guy never misses you after the breakup, it’s okay! For sure you’ll be fine and you’ll get over him. You will even be very glad that you’re okay without him even if he never missed you and never contact you at all.

Eventually, you will realize that he wasn’t your knight in shining armor and you better be taking care of yourself first. You deserve way more than him and you know it, be glad that he’s gone.

Learn to stand up for yourself and you’ll have to stop missing him to find passion in your life again and that is no time to waste! Every second of your life counts so you make sure you take good care of your health and give yourself the love that you deserve.

It might take you months or years of self-prioritization and no contact to accomplish that. Once you get to the point where you no longer miss the guy, you won’t care if he never misses you. Learn to miss your old happy self without him in the picture, see it as a starting point and look for brighter things ahead of you.

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Never care if he found one or started dating someone right away after the break-up or if he’s happy without you. Focus on yourself and never care about that guy who left you with months of disappointment and anxiety.

So don’t worry about your ex if he misses you right or not because it makes it easier for you to detach yourself from him in the long run. Stay strong, be happy and focus on other things that can make you happy. Never waste your precious time by stressing over it and thinking too much. Take good care of your mental health and physical well-being, stay happy and be strong!

What do I have to do in my spare time to avoid missing him?

Find a fitness routine or enroll at the gym near your area. That way it will keep your mind occupied and you’ll exhaust your body that you no longer have time to think about the things that worry you. Eat a balanced diet because that will keep your body and your immunity strong. Keep a pleasant mind and healthy well-being.

Focus on making yourself better for now and be the best partner when the time comes but maintain your fitness level even if you found the right one. You can encourage your future partner to be strong and healthy as you, that is literally building a strong, healthy, and long-lasting relationship.

You can also find a hobby that can make you feel relaxed like yoga, painting, cooking, photography, and the likes, it can make you productive and at the same time, you’ll develop new skills that will impress your future partner. That you’ll never have to guess if he missed you or not because he really would! Especially if you cook delicious meals.

Keep yourself occupied all the time so that you’ll never have to wonder what your ex feels about you. Spend some time with your family and friends because they might be missing you as you spent most of your time with your guy. Be productive at work, be at your best and stay strong! The right one will always find you no matter what and you’ll never have to think about him missing you because he will always do.

Be a better partner in the future by building and loving yourself first. That’s the only way that you can love at your best if you have learned how to respect and love yourself as you know your worth as a person.

What makes a man come back after a breakup?

Breakups are tough. It is emotionally taxing. Most people would avoid the person they were in a relationship with. If ever they come back together, the question is always what is the reason for going back. If it is the man, what makes a man come back after a breakup?

Well, the man will not go back unless there is still emotional attachment. Love would always be a reason for a second chance. When you are still in love, no matter what happens, you can find in your heart to forgive. Love surpasses all the other issues in the relationship. If people are still in love, then they can discuss what they can work on in a relationship.

There will be an understanding that things can be worked upon. Couples can still look into the silver lining and repair their relationship. Love is difficult to explain. It is an emotion that can drive people to overcome negative emotions. So as long as there is love, there is a chance.


Guys will start missing you if you stop missing them. There’s no fixed time because each person differs from another. It is only certain that cutting off your presence will make them eventually miss you and all the things that you do. Getting your presence out makes them crave your attention because they will realize that they lack the comfort that you bring in their lives.

It is best to let the guy be with himself and let him realize what he is missing. If you knew that you have always been a good partner then, be confident on your own because you did your best to keep him. Know your worth and stop chasing.

The right person that eventually comes into your life will always make an effort to let you know that you are loved and is afraid to lose you and you’ll never have to ask whether he misses you or not because he always does.

Cut him off silently and he’ll know exactly what it feels like without you even if he’ll miss you or not. If he had a change of heart, you’ll know but don’t sit around waiting for some answers and just focus on the things that will make you a better person.

Feel free to comment and ask if you have any questions. I’ll be very glad to give you some advice that might help you in the future. Be confident that you are better off alone or seek company from your family and friends if you ever feel lonely.


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