Guys With Black Nails: Why Is It Trending?

Today’s society has broken several gender roles and norms, and we couldn’t be any happier than this! Men and women can now wear whatever style they like, with no hesitations and much judgment from others.

One trend has reached its peak popularity nowadays for men: black nails. It’s an incredible sight, but sometimes, it’s not only about aesthetics. Numerous men are wearing these colored nails for a specific cause or reason, and it’s often symbolic.

So, what are these reasons, and why do guys paint their nails black? Read on!

Can Guys Paint Their Fingernails Black?

Painting the nails has always been thought of as a feminine thing, but that shouldn’t stop all the gentlemen from owning decorative nails! So, it’s not really a sin for men to paint their nails black. The only thing that can potentially stop them from doing so is stereotypes.

As nail polish is made to be feminine from social principle, those who are not yet open to this idea might turn their heads on your painted nails. Nevertheless, we all know that fashion items are not made only for a specific gender. Some examples are men wearing skirts or women wearing dad jeans.

Other than that, you should be most thinking if your school and job will allow you. Do they have rules of not allowing students or workers to wear nail polish? If so, then you can’t paint your nails black. Most medical institutions or health facilities ban healthcare staff from wearing nail polish.

A man in a manicure salon painting his nails black.

Generally speaking, nail polish can be worn by any gender. Give more consideration to your school or work environment rules to see if you could paint your nails black.

What Does Wearing Black Nail Polish Mean?

Firstly, black in psychology is seen as a symbol mystery, elegance, sophistication, and power. Some may also see this as evil, aggression, or rebellion. However, fashionably speaking, black is a neutral, not negative color. It is also seen by the 14th-century rulers as a color choice of the rich and chic, meaning that it definitely is an elegant shade.

When black is chosen for nail polish, the meaning can be closely related to how black as a color is seen. It gives the person a sense of empowerment, showing people that you are an assertive person.

Black nail polish is also widely common among the goth culture and rock n’ rollers. Gothic fashion is all about dark, mysterious, and genderless features. Meanwhile, rock n’ roll style is all about dressing in all black and following their rockstar icons’ styles.

Punk rock goth band in a freight elevator.

Reasons Why Guys Paint Their Nails Black

There are several reasons why men choose to paint their nails black. It might be purely out of fun or something more profound that roots in personal opinion.

1.     Up-ping their fashion games. Who says only women could look good with nails that match their outfit? Men could do too, and it’s what they’re doing!

2.     Being part of a specific group. As previously mentioned, goths and rock n’ rollers simply want to show that they are a part of these groups! Other biker gang members also have their nails painted in black.

3.     The Polished Man Movement. This movement is actively eliminating violence against children. Needless to say, these men are a man of cause!

4.     Sexuality expression. The LGBT community isn’t closed off to wearing nail polish. Homosexuals and transgender men use black nail polish to express who they are!

5.     There’s no reason! They might just want to enjoy black nails and don’t care about what others say.


Men painting their nails black causes no harm to anyone, so why should we stop them from doing what they like? Fashion, specifically nail painting, is one way of self-expression that we cannot take away from other people. As humans, we should support each individual’s choice on their bodies just like how we expect them to support our own decisions.

It’s the 21st century, everyone! Do what you like, and for men, that includes painting your nails black!

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