Should You Cut A Guy Off? Here’s What You Need To Consider

How do guys feel when you cut them off? Will they miss you? Is it worth it? Cutting someone off could be one of the hardest decisions a person has to make. You may wonder how the guy feels when you cut him off when a relationship breaks down, whether it was an almost relationship or a difficult one.

His absence causes you to doubt your own sanity, and it’s tormenting you mentally. However, you understand that he isn’t the source of your joy, and you can’t and shouldn’t desire your ex back.

Cutting him off feels as if a part of you has vanished. Just like what Taylor Swift penned in her song “The Story of Us” with lyrics that go like this: “And I’m dying to know. Is it killing you as it’s killing me?” That is indeed why you would want to know how the guys feel after you cut them off if they feel anything at all.

You want to understand that your decision to leave him has had an impact on his soul and that it wasn’t in vain. So, going back to my first question, how do guys feel when you cut them off?

What Will Happen when you cut a guy off

Here’s what I believe occurs to a man when you cut them off:

They’re Curious On Why You Did It

Once they know whatever they want, men are tenacious. By cutting him off, you will heighten his interest in you greatly. Guys aren’t scared to put everything on the line in order to attain their goals. And now that you’ve sparked his interest, he’ll want to reclaim your attention.

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He’ll be trying a different approach, snooping around on you to see if your affections for him have completely vanished. He’ll break the ice by calling or texting you out of the blue. Literally cut him off if you want to flip the tables and not pursue after a guy. You’ll show him how you can exist without him and aren’t dependent on him to be happy and successful.

Another Rejection Will Be Their Biggest Fear

Nothing hurts more than having someone you thought would always be there for you turn you down. You go through a rollercoaster of emotions that you don’t seem to be able to overcome. A guy will definitely be devastated that you suddenly stopped your relationship with him. Especially if you chose to cut him off after he did things that upset you and he was fully unaware of them.

You never know how someone may react to rejection, though. There are some guys who would go out with their pals every night in the hope of drowning their true feelings and never needing to deal with them. They’ll go to any length to avoid having to face reality. Some, on the other hand, may interpret it as an indication that you’re being difficult to get and pursue you even more aggressively.

This is the problem with rejections and guys. Guys don’t know what to do when a woman is the first to go. Typically, they believe they have the right to go away, but this is not the case. And now that this has happened to your man, he is likely to seek out a way to reclaim you.

Insecurity Will Eat Him

The amazing part about partnerships is that they make you feel good about yourself since you have someone who appreciates you for who and what you are. Your confidence and self-esteem are sky-high, and you never seem to doubt your worth. Once you don’t have a partner by your side, however, all of that confidence and assurance vanishes.

Your uneasiness rises to the surface, and you begin to worry if you’ll ever be good enough for anything. When you shut him off and simply choose to ignore him, that’s precisely what happens to him. His ego has been severely harmed, and he will attempt to defend his feelings.

A guy looks upset while holding his mobile phone.

He begins to doubt his masculinity and whether or not he is appealing at all. When he looks in the mirror, he no longer recognizes himself as a man. He suddenly reveals his true face, revealing that he isn’t the gentleman you thought he was. When they’re disregarded by somebody who means a great deal to them, males aren’t all that different from women.

A man will wonder what others have that he lacks, and he will strive to change in order to lure you back. Sometimes, they’ll lie and pretend they’ve moved on, but this isn’t the case. Men, like women, have feelings, and they’ll have to cope with them before looking for a new partner. If he truly cared about you, don’t expect him to forget about you right afterward. It’ll only be a question of time before reality kicks in.

His Eagerness To Win You Back Will Sky Rocket

Numerous guys, to be honest, cannot accept the reality that a girl just doesn’t want them. They believe that every woman would like them and that they would be able to hold every lady in the palm of their hand. Therefore, if you’ve been in an almost-relationship with someone and you’re searching for a method to give him the push he needs, this is it.

A man giving a bouquet of flowers to his lady.

In that instance, following the no-contact rule is the smartest decision you’ll ever make because the guy will be all over you in no time. He’ll go to any length to ensure that you’re paying attention to him and not to someone else. His desire to find you grows, and he isn’t going to stop until he receives a positive response from you.

On the other side, if you truly just wanted to get rid of him, this can be quite inconvenient because he’ll most likely bombard you with texts and phone calls. Even if you specifically stated that you didn’t need to hear from him again, he might show up at your office and surprise you with food.

Why Cutting Him Off Makes Him Miss You?

There are several explanations why he will miss you if you cut him off. The amount of time it needs for an ex-partner to miss you is entirely dependent on what’s going on inside your ex’s head. One of life’s tragic facts is that most people don’t realize how valuable someone is until after they’ve lost them.

A boyfriend missing his ex-girlfriend written in his notebook.

Of course, this probably won’t happen overnight because no contact takes time to establish. Nobody knows how long it will take because everyone spends their lives differently. Males, in particular, are beings who thrive on regularity. By enacting a change like cutting him off, it will introduce uncertainty to his existence.

He will have feelings of confusion and loss as a result of that level of uncertainty. Keep in mind, though, that someone will miss you greatly if they actually care for you. This will not happen by a significant amount or at all if he has never cared for you. He’ll recognize that you cut him off but he won’t do anything about it since it doesn’t make him miss you or want you at all.

To be more specific with my reasoning. I laid out 3 reasons as to why I think he will miss you after cutting him off:

a. He craves the attention you give him

Attention? You’ve provided him with a lot of it, especially when he really needed it. If you had a wonderful connection with him and there were times in his life when he received what he desired from you, this will make the situation harder for him since his stability has been stripped away suddenly.

This lack of contact with someone they care about may drive them to reconsider their emotions and feelings about you. He may not acknowledge it out loud; he may believe he doesn’t want your care, but this is far from reality.

b. He longs for the good things you did for him

Once you entirely cut him off, he’ll understand you’re no longer there for him. This knowledge will bring him to worry and anguish as he realizes he will be losing these things without caution or preparedness. When the joys he had with you are taken away from him, he’ll understand how valuable they were.

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He’ll miss the stuff he took for granted as well. He’ll miss the things that are familiar and comforting to him such as how you kept him company and helped him during challenging times.

c. Memories of your relationship will linger in his mind

You have had some wonderful characteristics that he admires in a woman, but he also admires how you and he have explored the world together, eaten meals together, and spent significant time with each other’s company. He will sense as though no one is like that for him on the same level as you were – especially during his worst moments.

The connection wasn’t always easy, but there were times when he seemed deeply intertwined with you in ways that were priceless at the time. And now he’ll feel as though something is lacking from his existence.

When Should You Cut Him Off?

Patterns are the greatest indicator of how to move when it comes to cutting somebody off. Words are meaningless unless they are backed up by action. And, just as actions take precedence over words, patterns take precedence over action.

Start taking a step back and consider the wider picture – the connections. It will enable you to distinguish between the emotional memories associated with single love acts and the reality of their patterns. If he did any of the following things, it’s a sign to cut him off:


This is a no-brainer, he destroyed your respect and trust because he was too self-centered to respect your feelings. You should avoid having any kind of relationship with an ex who has chosen to cheat on you. There’s no logical reason why somebody would think cheating is reasonable.

Love cheating.

You, like everyone else, deserve someone greater than a cheater. Believe me when I say that once you’ve cut him off, he’ll miss you. He’ll worry about you for hours and hours, trying to work out what happened. Make sure he regrets picking the other person over you, enforce no-contact, and let him pay the price for his choices.

Abuse (no matter what form of abuse it is)

If your ex has mistreated you, it should be self-evident that you must cut him off forever. You should really just cut him off; he’ll regret losing you — he’ll miss being able to return to his embrace. The hands that provided you with a safe refuge were also not happen to you anymore.

A man holding the arms of a young woman violently having an argument.

How Long Should You Cut Him Off For?

Each relationship has its own set of circumstances, so you must decide whether you want to offer him another opportunity or cut him out of your existence. Once you cut him off, he’ll understand you’re no longer in his life and that he’s lost an incredible lady, and he’ll begin to miss you.

However, just because he misses you doesn’t imply he’ll suddenly want to be the perfect partner who treats you well. That just doesn’t imply he’ll change once he’s back with you. On the contrary, you might want to ponder getting back again with him if you simply broke up over minor issues. He’ll most likely feel like he’s made a tremendous mistake and will want to make up by asking for your forgiveness.

Will He Contact You After Cutting Him Off?

The likelihood of this occurring varies based on how your relationship ended and why you parted ways with him. If anything, he’ll be missing you and will make an effort to contact you. If he realizes he can’t contact you, he’ll attempt another method. After all, if he truly cares about you, this will happen.

If he left you because he believes your current relationship was a horrible mistake, he won’t do something like this. He has no reason to return to the girl he doesn’t care for. Those remarks may seem brutal, but I’m confident that a strong and empowered woman like you can comprehend what I’m saying.

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There’s no assurance that he’ll remember you and contact you. But take note that what is actually meant for you will never pass you by. What is meant for you will come to you. So, if he’s not the one for you, realize that there’s always another fantastic person waiting to meet you and love you for the rest of their lives.


How do guys feel when you cut them off? You may wonder how the guy feels when you cut him off when a relationship breaks down, whether it was an almost relationship or a difficult one.

You want to understand that your decision to leave him has had an impact on his soul and that it wasn’t in vain. Each relationship has its own set of circumstances, so you must decide whether you want to offer him another opportunity or cut him out of your existence.

Will he contact you after cutting him off? The likelihood of this occurring varies based on how your relationship ended and why you parted ways with him.

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