If She Blocks You, She Loves You, Right?

If she blocks you, she loves you… right? Maybe. Or, maybe this is the viewpoint of someone in denial. There are a plethora of reasons that a person might block another. To better understand the reason behind why she blocked you, take a look at the history of your relationship, and then try to put yourself in her shoes.

Maybe she does love you. Maybe you have hurt or offended her in some way. Maybe she just needs a break or does not want to have contact with you. Or, maybe, she is just not that interested.

Why Do People Block Others?

If she blocks you, she loves you

For the situations that truly do fall in this category, one of the biggest reasons is unrequited feelings. It could be that she has strong feelings for you that you do not match. Or maybe the end of the relationship was not her idea.

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It can be hard to see someone you love’s social media account or phone number constantly popping up as a reminder that the love she feels is one-sided. Maybe she is unfollowing or blocking you just to follow you or unblock you again. This could be a cry for attention or a last-ditch effort to make you notice or think about her.

She is hurt, angry, offended, or disappointed

Are your social media posts filled with subtweets, hateful language, or ideations that directly contradict hers? Or maybe you are posting with someone that she does not want to see you with. Are you all fighting often through text? It could be that it is easier to simply block you than to continue reading posts or text messages that hurt her.

She needs a break or wants to move on

This reason is pretty self-explanatory, and regardless of the underlying reasons, if she has blocked you, then she likely needs a break. However, it could be more than just needing a break. Maybe she needs to move on.

If she has come to terms with the end of the friendship or relationship, blocking you may be a small step forward for her, or it may make moving on just a bit easier.

Even more than this, she may have already moved on. If this is the case, she may be trying to protect your feelings. Maybe she does not want you to see her posts with someone else, or she does not want you to continue to reach out to her and impact her new relationship. Maybe she wants to save you from some hurt.

She does not want you to be able to see her content or connect with her

Again, there may be more underlying reasons that she blocked you such as feeling hurt or wanting to move on, but if it has gotten to a point where she feels that you are constantly suffocating or guilting her, she likely just needs to end the connection altogether.

If you continue to reach out and are not accepting her feelings or needs, she may default to blocking you as a way to end the abusive behavior. Her attempt to block your ability to contact her in any way may just make her feel safer.

Or, again, maybe she is simply not interested.

If Your Lover Blocks You While You Are Together

This is likely the strangest of all situations in which a woman may block you. First things first… are you all ACTUALLY together? If you are actively in a relationship and she blocks you, it is important to figure out if she actually feels that the relationship is over.

If the situation is that you are in an active and dedicated relationship and she blocks your phone number or social media accounts, it is likely a short-term behavior. This is something that is likely to be reversed quickly after a fight or after hurt feelings have subsided.

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Nonetheless, this is still a behavior that may indicate a red flag in the relationship. Blocking your partner while in a committed relationship can indicate one of many things: poor communication skills, immature coping skills, manipulative “punishing-your-partner” behavior, needing a break, or even cheating.

Whether it be poor communication or coping skills or her attempt to punish you, if her response to an argument or disagreement is to block your contacts, then you must consider: is this behavior a realistic response for the future of a healthy relationship?

On the other hand, maybe she just needs a break and feels that you are not respecting that. It is important in a relationship to remember that there are two individuals who each have very unique sets of viewpoints, communication styles, emotions, and needs.

Your specific relationship approaches may not be what she needs, and if what she needs is a break, time to think, or space to calm down, this should be accepted and respected. If you do not respect your partner’s needs and space, this may result in her blocking you. If this is the situation, then you need to ask yourself: is YOUR behavior realistic for the future of a healthy relationship?

Worst of all though, this behavior may be indicative of cheating. Is she trying to hide something or someone from you? Does she want to make sure you are not able to contact her while she is with someone else? Do not immediately jump to this conclusion, but you may need to rule this out.

No matter the reason for your partner blocking you while you are still together, this behavior may indicate the end of the relationship is coming soon. If this is true for your relationship, first decide if this is the right move for you and/ or your partner.

If it is, then you have the opportunity to have an amicable split where both parties can find acceptance and closure. If this is not the outcome you want or you feel that a breakup would not be best for you or your partner, then this might just be the wake-up call you need to find a way to resolve conflict to best foster a healthy relationship.

If She Blocks You After A Few Dates

If you get blocked after just a few dates, then the likelihood is… she’s just not that into you. As hard as that is to accept, maybe she is just not the right fit or person for you. Or maybe you are not the right fit or person for her.

That is okay! Feelings are not always reciprocated. Even if a date seems to have gone well from your perspective, that does not necessarily mean that she felt the same way. Again, that is okay!

If you find this keeps happening to you, date after date, maybe some self-reflection and work on yourself are needed.

Or, maybe you all just were not a match. If this is the case, do not fret. You just saved yourself the grief of losing a relationship after having time to grow and develop strong feelings. Instead, use this as a learning opportunity, and devote your time instead to finding a person who is better suited and matched for you.

If She Blocks You After The Breakup

So now the relationship is over. This can be tough on everyone involved. This is when it is truly questioned: if she blocks you, she loves you? Again I say – maybe.

Did you end the relationship? If so, maybe she does still love you! Maybe her heart is broken. Maybe she blocked you to make sure she does not reach out in a desperate attempt to rekindle the relationship.

Maybe she blocked you so she does not have to see your posts as a reminder each day that it is over between you. Maybe she blocked you because this is the only way she can start to move on.

Or did she end the relationship? If she ended the relationship and then blocked you, this is likely her attempt to have true space from you so that she can move on. This might not be what you want, but this might be what she needs. Sometimes relationships just do not work; two people may not be right for each other.

That is okay! If she broke up with you, you may feel the need for clarity, reasoning, and closure. However, if she is to the point of blocking you, that may not be what she wants or needs. If this is the case, you can not force your own needs upon her. If this is the case, it is time to let go.

If She Blocks You, She Loves You

Maybe. Though, far more likely are many other reasons: hurt, disappointment, anger, avoidance, or even fear.

Take a look at the relationship itself, the history, and her needs, and put yourself in her shoes. Do not push your thoughts, needs, or views on her, and maybe you will be able to discover why she blocked you.

No matter the ultimate reason behind why she blocked you though, she is likely trying to communicate her need for space. Respect that. Respect her; respect the relationship, and respect yourself.

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Find closure at the end of the relationship, and instead of focusing on why she ended it or why she blocked you, focus on the future. What do you need in a partner? What can you do to be a better partner? And what can you do to ensure that your next relationship is happy and healthy?

Any questions or thoughts? Have you experienced this before? Were you the blocker or the blockee? Please comment below!

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