11 Shoes Like Air Force 1: A Complete Guide

One of the most well-known pairs of Nike shoes is, without a doubt, the Air Force One. The Air Force One basketball sneakers, created by Bruce Kilgore and released in 1982, were the first to use Nike Air technology, permanently changing the sport and sneaker culture.

Here are 11 AF 1 shoe alternatives

1.     Saucony Jazz Court

The Saucony Jazz Court is one of their athletic shoe types that resembles the Air Force 1. While the Saucony brand is well-known for producing cross-country racing flats and track spikes, it also creates footwear for track and field competitions.

In addition to being inspired by basketball, Saucony claims that the Jazz Court is a shoe type made for hardwood and concrete and is perfect for everyday wear.

The Saucony Jazz Court shoes blend the recognizable Jazz Original upper design with traditional cupsole bottoms to create a beautiful pair of go-to footwear.

The Saucony Jazz Court green version.

The Saucony Jazz Court shoes are constructed with quality full-grain leather and perforated underlays for maximum breathability, much like the Nike Air Force One.

The shoes also include an anti-microbial lining to lessen the possibility of foot odor and EVA midsoles for lightweight durability. Sadly, the Saucony Jazz Court sneakers cost more than the Nike Air Force Ones. Jazz Court shoes cost $90 at retail.

2.     CLAE Malone

Their Malone model of shoes closely resembles the Nike Air Force One. Since CLAE was created in 2001, it may be argued that it is a more recent footwear brand than the others we have listed.

The Los Angeles-based CLAE business is committed to providing timeless, essential pieces that may be updated and endured while leaving as little environmental impact as possible.

Due in part to the use of white-milled Italian Nappa leather, the CLAE Malone shoes are more expensive than the Nike Air Force Ones.

The CLAE Malone is a superb pair of sneakers for daily wear since it combines flat cotton laces, leather-lined uppers, and molded EVA foam footbeds. The shoes cost $99 for a pair at retail because accredited tanneries also handcraft them in Italy.

However, you can count on the leather to be of very high quality because CLAE can ensure that the manufacturing procedures adhere to their social and ecological values.

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3.     FILA Original Tennis Classic

Another well-known brand in the sporting and sportswear sectors is FILA. Their Original Tennis Classic tennis sneakers have a striking resemblance to the Nike Air Force One.

Although the Nike Air Force Ones and FILA Original sneakers were inspired by basketball and tennis, respectively, there are numerous design similarities between the two pairs of sneakers.

One of them is the perforated design on the toe boxes, but the leather uppers and rubber bottoms distinguish these two pairs of shoes from one another. The cost, however, draws people to the FILA Original Tennis Classic.

The sneakers typically cost around $70, but you can acquire them for around $45 each during warehouse deals.

4.     New Balance 550

The sneakers have a straightforward, refined, and non-overbuilt design. New Balance reimagined a timeless classic while paying homage to the streetwear heroes and professional basketball players of the 1990s.

The sneakers are influenced mainly by basketball. The New Balance 550 has leather and synthetic uppers for durability and a sporty style, much like the Air Force Ones. Additionally, they contain lace adjusters for a personalized fit.

The New Balance 550 sneakers include a small amount of mesh in the uppers for increased ventilation, unlike the Nike Air Force One.

New Balance 550 worn by model.

Rubber outsoles for traction are also included on the New Balance 550 shoes. Therefore, think about the 550 rather than the Nike AF1 if you’re a big fan of New Balance. The addition of mesh, which encourages excellent airflow, is a good argument in favor of this. Just be ready to spend more, considering the sneakers typically sell for $109.

5.     Vans Fairlane

A shoe type from Vans might be appropriate for casual use, even if Old Skool Vans are uncomfortable to play basketball in. The Fairlane sneakers combine cutting-edge building methods with vintage style.

The Fairlane shoes feature durable leather, cushioned collars, metal eyelets, and rubber outsoles instead of the vulcanized rubber soles characteristic of Vans footwear.

The Fairlane sneakers feature the trademark Vans side stripe, vintage logo embroidery at the heels, and a retro rubber logo label at the tongues, maintaining the old-school style while providing a distinctive and new look. In a nutshell, it’s a contemporary version of the iconic Vans sneakers.

6.     Veja V-10

Their Veja V-10 shoe type has a striking resemblance to the Nike Air Force One. French footwear and accessory company Veja.

It is noteworthy that Veja has provided shoes to 1,800 merchants in 45 countries as of October 2018. The shoes are distinctive because they were created in Brazil (Porto Alegre).

The Veja V-10 shoes are also cleverly constructed, with leather for the panels and uppers and rubber for the V logos. The soles are composed of wild rubber from the Amazonian forest, while the lining of the jersey is made of 33% organic cotton and 67% recycled polyester.

Although the Veja V-10 comes in various colors, the white version with cream rubber soles is the most popular. The rubber navy blue V logo with red-orange branding at the heel. The style offers a distinctive twist on the traditional white sneaker. The Veja V-10 should be seriously considered if you want something special.

7.     K-Swiss Crown 2000

The K-Swiss Crown 2000 features a simple, timeless shape with traditional tennis flair. In addition to the superior leather uppers, textile accents come with toe cap overlays that provide more durability.

Additionally featured in the medial are the perforated 5-Stripe underlays, which give you structured support while adding additional ventilation.

K-Swiss Crown 2000 in multi-colored.

The K-Swiss Crown 2000, which has quality leather uppers, is the model of their shoes that most closely resembles the Nike Air Force One. On top of the full-length, lightweight EVA midsoles, your feet will receive pampering.

There are also a ton of intricate trims, including premium metal branding, that complete the iconic K-Swiss appearance and feel.

8.     Puma GV Special+

The Puma GV Special+ is a different shoe style that resembles the Nike Air Force One. The GV Special+ sneakers, on the other hand, are influenced by tennis, not basketball.

The Nike Air Force One and Puma GV Special+ share many similarities, even though they are based on two distinct sports. They include rubber outsoles that have grip and traction, as well as leather uppers with perforated ramps.

Additionally, the IMEVA midsoles on the Puma GV Special+ sneakers provide comfortable cushioning. For those who don’t know, Puma’s unique midsole technology—IMEVA—offers a lightweight and cozy feel.

9.     Adidas Entrap

The Adidas Entrap are low-cut basketball-inspired sneakers designed for everyday, informal wear, much like the preceding shoe type. The shoes have leather uppers with a lace-up clasp. The sneakers’ appearance is highly reminiscent of the Adidas Postmove.

The pricing is the most significant difference, though. The cost of the Adidas Entrap sneakers is half that of the Postmove. A trustworthy pair of sneakers retail for an absurdly low price of merely $33.

Because of their absurdly low price, the Adidas Entrap sneakers are a great option if you’re seeking a cheap substitute for the Nike Air Force One.

10.     Adidas Postmove

The Postmove is the Adidas shoe that resembles the Nike Air Force One. The similarity between the two sneakers may be seen just by looking at them.

The Adidas Postmove are basketball-inspired sneakers featuring comfy padded collars and pillowy-soft midsole cushioning, similar to the Air Force 1.

Adidas Postmove in white and black.

The end product is a pair of sneakers that are essential yet perfect, suitable for wearing around town. The Adidas Postmove shares an uncanny resemblance to the Air Force One in terms of toe box design when viewed from above. They have lots of ventilation holes.

11.     Nike Ebernon

The Nike Ebernon are basketball-inspired sneakers that may be worn for various casual occasions, just like the Nike Air Force One. The Nike Ebernon Low pairs well with almost any ensemble, from simple to sporty, thanks to its sleek and straightforward form.

In fact, due to its muted color palette, the black-and-white colorway is one of the most popular. Given that the Nike Ebernon shoes provide excellent arch support, many wearers appreciate the shoes’ low weight and incredibly comfortable fit despite their low price.

It makes sense that the shoes heighten the wearer significantly.

What Can I Get Instead Of Air Force One?

You can get Nike Court Vintage Trainers. You should buy these if you want something less bulky than the Air Force 1s. Although it is a little less obvious, these shoes nonetheless bear the iconic Nike logo.

Perfectly modest is the tiny stitched tick (despite the neon brand name overlaying it). The toe of the shoe resembles that of the Air Force 1. However. These are suitable substitutes because of how different the physique is.

What Is Adidas Shoe Similar To Air Force 1?

Adidas Originals Forum Bold Trainers is just similar to Air Force 1. These Adidas running shoes resemble their Nike equivalent quite a bit. Although available in various colors and patterns, this all-white pair will give you the Air Force 1 look.

Therefore, this can be the ideal substitute if you enjoy how Adidas sneakers fit.

Are Air Force One’s Out Of Style?

Nike’s Air Force 1 was a massive hit throughout 2022. After adopting multiple eye-catching new hues of the famous silhouette throughout 2022, sneakerheads are excited to see what the firm will unveil next as 2023 approaches.

The swoosh label has consistently improved its sneaker designs with fresh inspiration from locations, people, and collaborations, much to the astonishment of its supporters and brand consumers.

Along with its regular releases, the swoosh label will continue the tradition in 2023 by working with Slam Jam and Virgil Abloh’s Off-White to deliver a few enhanced AF1 shoe types.

Sneakerheads find it challenging to keep up with the official releases because the swoosh label routinely makes the design in several colorways. The top five Nike Air Force 1 shoe debuts planned for 2023 are listed by Sportskeeda.


The Nike Court Vision Low is undoubtedly the shoe most closely resembles the Nike Air Force One. The shoes use a similar design and are made of similar materials.

Although not all of them are less expensive than the Nike Air Force Ones, we hope that we have provided you with a wide range of choices so you may select the perfect pair of sneakers for your collection.

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