Quotes To Make Your Ex Jealous: Smart, Powerful and Happy Status

Sooner than later, you might experience a breakup in your life. After a breakup, it is normal for everyone to keep a watch on their ex. While you might not be talking with one another, you certainly want to know what is happening in your ex’s life. That is why, if you’re going to convey a message to your ex or want to indicate that you are moving on, you can certainly do so with the help of status.

In today’s age of social media, your ex will be keeping a watch on your status. To help you with the same, we will cover 50 status that makes your ex jealous. You can set any statuses on your messaging or social media apps to make your ex jealous.

50 status that makes your ex jealous

1. Life is more fun than it has ever been.

While your ex might still be sulking after losing you, the fact that you are enjoying your life will undoubtedly make them jealous. This status is a clear indicator that you are at the high point of your life rather than at the low point.

2. Looking forward to the weekend getaway.

When you’re depressed or sad, you are unlikely to make any plans for a weekend getaway or any fun-filled activity. This status indicates that you are looking forward to enjoying life again rather than feeling depressed because of the breakup. The clear indicator that you are moving ahead in life and enjoying your life will make your ex jealous.

3. Can’t hide the glow when you are in love.

Nothing makes your ex more jealous than knowing that you are in love once again. Whether they have moved on or are still waiting for you, such a status can undoubtedly make them jealous and force them to contact you in some or the other way.

4. Can’t wait to spend more time with someone special.

Once again, the fact that there is someone else in your life will make your ex jealous. Not only that, the fact that you’re happy once again and making the most of your time is another reason why he/she will feel jealous.

5. Combine workouts with an interesting person & it’s super fun.

Of course, after the breakup, you will be heading out and meeting others. However, when you try to expand your social circle or find someone special for you, it is sure to make your ex jealous. This status conveys the same to your ex.

6. Start your day with the right person.

This status can mean a lot to your ex. The reason for the same is that it indicates that you are meeting someone special in the morning or spent the night with them. In both cases, your ex is sure to feel jealous.

7. I love receiving gifts chosen with a lot of thought.

Only someone special and close to you will be gifting you something. This status is a clear indicator that there is someone in your life. Apart from that, it also indicates that the gifts they are giving you, mean much more to you than what your ex gifted you. That is certainly enough to make your ex jealous.

8. Have you experienced laughing with someone you like? It fills you with happiness.

Your happy and positive experiences will certainly make your ex jealous. Especially when there is another person involved. This is another such status that will work if you want to make your ex jealous.

9. Have my wishes, dreams, and hopes come true?

Your ex would likely know what your dreams, hopes, as well as your wishes, are. That is why, if you post this status, it is a clear indicator that you are progressing in your life. If your ex is depressed or still waiting for you to come back, this status will surely invoke jealousy.

10. Spent hours gazing at the sky with someone I knew. Calmed me down to the core.

Romantic activities like gazing at the sky will undoubtedly make your ex jealous.

11. When good things fall apart, better things occur.

This status indicates that your period with your ex was merely good, and now your life is even better. If your ex reads this status, pangs of jealousy will be unavoidable.

12. I no longer rely on anyone else to get flowers. I grow my own.

There are only a handful of things that can make your ex jealous. One of them is the fact that you are strong and independent now. It also indicates that you have changed a lot and your ex might crave the new you.

13. Not a damsel in distress! Taking control of my life.

Similar to the status above, this one also indicates that you are ready to take control of your life and will no longer fall for a person like your ex. That is sure to invoke jealousy and even a bit of anger in your ex.

14. Never felt better.

Everyone who goes through a breakup has a depressing time. However, if you are at your best, it will pique your ex’s interest and probably make them jealous that he/she is not at their peak.

15. These days, I choose my happiness over everything else.

It is a clear indication that you will not compromise your happiness over anyone. Also, your ex will perhaps feel guilty that he/she has been the cause of your sadness in the past. All these factors, coupled with the fact that you are happier than ever, are certainly going to spike his/her interest in you once again out of jealousy.

Delighted girl enjoying vacation rest.

16. My past called, I didn’t answer.

It is a clear indication to your ex that even if he/she tries to approach you again, you will not entertain them. You are past to her/him, will certainly make them jealous and repent their decision to break up with you.

17. Dark times are a necessity to appreciate the good ones.

Guilt and jealousy are emotions that are closely related to each other. If you can invoke one in someone, you’re likely to invoke the other. This status will certainly invoke guilt in your ex that perhaps they were a bit too harsh with you. This will be closely followed by jealousy.

18. Pain helped me grow.

This status might seem a bit direct to some. However, if you want to invoke jealousy in your ex, it is certainly a good one. The fact that you have moved on will surely spike his/her interest in you.

19. You too deserve to be happy like I am.

This might seem like a positive status. However, if your ex hasn’t moved past you, it will surely invoke jealousy.

20. I am going to make today better than yesterday.

The meaning of this status is pretty clear. You’re conveying to anyone who reads that your current life is better than the one with your ex. It will initially hurt your ex but after that invoke the desired feeling of jealousy, and he/she is likely to contact you again.

21. My life seems to have swallowed the self-improvement pill. It keeps getting better.

This is another status that indicates to your ex that you have moved on and therefore, he/she will certainly feel jealous.

22. Should have tried bungee jumping before. It was such fun.

New experiences can fill your life up with joy. Therefore, when you try out new activities and your ex is still stuck in a rut, jealousy is obvious.

23. Life has been kind recently. Hope this sticks.

The true meaning of this status is that life has never been better. The last part indicates that you are willing to let go of your past to make this stick. It is sure enough to make your ex jealous.

24. Can someone be as elated as I am now?

Simply put, if you are happy and your ex is not, he/she will be jealous.

25. Minding my own business these days. Couldn’t have been happier.

Once again, happiness will invoke jealousy. Apart from that, taking control of your life will also mean that there is no room for your ex in it, and that is sure to make him/her feel jealous and deprived.

26. A single person can turn your gloomy day into an amazing one.

The status clearly indicates that you have someone special in your life. If that isn’t going to make your ex jealous, nothing will.

New found love couple having an intimate moment.

27. I can do anything to put a smile on the face of someone I love.

Not only does this indicate that you have someone special in your life, but also you’re willing to make some extra effort to make them happy. The fact that you have moved on and are in a happy relationship will surely make your ex jealous.

28. Enjoying my favorite place with my favorite person.

Your ex will, of course, know your favorite place. The fact that you are enjoying that place with someone else will make him/are jealous.

29. Dreams do come true.

Anything that indicates to your ex that you are moving on and are in a happy place is sure to make him/her jealous. This status is one of them.

30. The best way to start the day is to start with the right person.

The fact that you have the right person in your life will surely make your ex jealous.

31. Never dim yourself to make others appear bright.

It indicates that in the past, you have subdued yourself to please your ex. However, they no longer are willing to do so. That will certainly invoke jealousy in your ex due to the fact that you have changed.

32. Today’s day was one of the most memorable ones in my life.

The fact that you are living at your best and your ex is certainly not part of that life will make him/her jealous.

33. To do epic stuff, you need epic people.

This is like brushing it in the face of your ex. The fact that you have someone better in your life is sure to make your ex jealous.

34. Painful endings lead to beautiful new beginnings.

This status is a clear indicator that you have moved on in life. Not only that, you find your life beautiful without your ex. The fact that you are happy and moving ahead in life will certainly spark jealousy in your ex’s mind.

35. I hope I don’t find anyone like the people in my past.

Sometimes the direct way is the best way to go about it. This status is an example of the same. It clearly indicates to your ex that choosing them was a mistake and wouldn’t like them to be back in your life. That will make them repent for breaking up with you and probably make them feel jealous as well.

36. Don’t be with someone who doesn’t deserve you.

This status actually conveys a lot of things. Firstly, it conveys that your ex wasn’t the best person for you. Secondly, it also indicates that you have moved on in life and closed the past doors. With so much being conveyed in a single status, your ex cannot help but feel jealous.

37. I can do better with my choices in the future.

Nothing better than making your ex repent the decision of breaking up with you. With this status, you can do that. The fact that now you won’t let them come back into your life is certainly going to make them feel jealous and remember the special moments spent with you in the past.

38. Your life is better when some people are missing from it.

Once again, this is a status that can drop hints. When you do it so bluntly, your ex will certainly feel repentant, guilty, and jealous.

39.  I am much stronger and happier, now that some people aren’t around.

When you rise up from the low emotional level since the breakup and have moved on, your ex will feel jealous. However, for the same, your ex should get a clear indication that you have moved on in life. With this status, you can easily indicate the same. That is why this is such a powerful status to use.

40. Can a breakup lead to a better life? It sure did for me.

Want to make your ex jealous and angry at the same time? If so, this status can serve you well. It also indicates that you have progressed in life since you last met them.

Man jumping on abyss moving toward the future.

41. Past and future can’t match

Guilt and jealousy are two emotions closely related to each other. If you can evoke one of them, you can easily invoke another as well. This status is sure to invoke guilt in your ex that they made a mistake by breaking up with you. Jealousy will closely follow as well. Upon that, you are making it clear that the doors for further reconciliation are closed as well.

42. Past cannot say anything new.

When you’re clear that your ex is no longer an option to reconcile with, it will certainly make your ex jealous and guilty. This status indicates the same. Therefore, it is a status which you can certainly use.

43.  My past doesn’t invoke any feelings in me, but my present sure does.

This status is a clear indicator that your ex doesn’t invoke any feelings in you. It also indicates that you are with someone you truly love. The fact that the doors are closed for your ex, and you have a new person in life will surely make your ex jealous.

44. Sometimes, letting go is the best thing to do.

While your ex might repent the decision to break up with you, this status indicates that you aren’t. You are happy about breaking up with your ex. The fact that you are happier in life and your ex is not, will make them jealous.

45. Companionship should make both people happy.

Firstly, this indicates that your past relationships didn’t make you happy. That is like rubbing it in in the face of your ex.

Secondly, this status indicates that you are once again in a relationship. The dual points you can convey with the help of this status are sure to make your ex jealous.

46. I am irreplaceable, and soon my past will realize that.

After a breakup, your ex will likely be thinking over the decision again and again. During this time, they might also realize that finding a similar person is not an easy task. At that time, if you put this status, it will make your ex jealous and repent the decision to break up.

47. Life is so much fun living on your terms.

While this status indicates that you are not in a relationship, the fact that you can control your life and do things you love is sure to spark jealousy. It also indicates that you might not be open to reconciling with your ex, which will surely make them sad and jealous.

48.  Some stories have an abrupt ending but lead to a beautiful new story.

The abrupt ending indicates a breakup. Your breakup led to a beautiful new story indicates that you are in a new relationship. Both these aspects of your life are certainly going to invoke jealousy in your ex.

49.  My latest birthday was my best one.

Of course, you should use the status after your birthday. However, the fact that this one was your best bet indicates that the past birthdays spent with your ex were not up to the mark. It also means that you are already in a new relationship and are happy with your new partner. All these facts will make your ex jealous.

50. I won’t block anyone so that they can see how much I am enjoying my life.

Anyone here refers to your ex. You are happy and would certainly display the same through your social media and messaging status will make your ex jealous. The more you appear happy, the more jealous your ex will be.

How do you make your ex regret losing you?

If you’re looking for ways to make him regret his decision, here is how do you make your ex regret losing you:

1.) Take care of yourself (eat healthy, sleep well, exercise). It will boost your mood and confidence – two things that aren’t easy for people who just broke up.

2.) Hang out with happy people. It’s so easy to surround yourself with negative people who may be in the same boat as you, but can they help you move on. Find some friends that will support your efforts.

Happy friends are looking on mountains and having fun together.

3.) Have a list of things you want to do at home or around town. This could be a fun activity or a bucket list. It keeps you busy and shows that you’re not wasting time.

4.) Travel somewhere. Get out of town for a little while, but don’t go to his house, job, friends, etc. Figure out where would be a good place to distract yourself from reality.

5.) Get an accountability partner. Calling them when you want to talk will help you avoid phone masturbation.

6.) Meditate. Research has shown that two minutes of daily meditation can help reduce anxiety, depression, and pain.

A girl meditating to release positive energy.

7.) Practice gratitude. Every night before bed, write down three things you’re grateful for. Grateful people are happier. Being happy will give you an emotional boost to keep moving forward.

8.) Get out of bed, out of the house, and into action. Go ahead and go for a walk or try some outdoor activities that you wouldn’t normally do on your own (think hiking). Staying inside too long is dangerous because it will give you too much time to think about your ex.

What can I post to make someone jealous?

Jealousy is the most difficult emotion to handle, especially when our loved ones are already into someone else or getting in touch with someone.

If you are planning revenge, here are some of the tips that you need to follow, all based on experience.

1. If you are trying to make your boyfriend jealous, the most effective way is to post someone else that is more attractive than him on social media where he is your friend.

2. If you are referring to your best friends, you can make them jealous by giving importance to someone other than him or her by posting some other friends together with you.

3. If you’re referring to a family member, they get jealous easily if they notice that you are progressing, so always try to post some promotions that you got or any other things that involve your achievements.

⚠️ Jealousy can somehow go into more serious scenarios like killings or fighting, so when you try to make someone jealous, be sure to always do it in the safest way.


Thus, if you’re looking for status that makes your ex jealous, these are the 50 options you have. With plenty of choices available, you can directly choose the status that corresponds to your situation most closely.

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