Blazer With Turtleneck: How To Style It Right

It’s a winning mix that strikes the perfect balance between informal and sophisticated. If you keep reading this, you are about to be instructed on the most efficient and successful way to wear a blazer with a turtleneck.

Although turtleneck sweaters are very straightforward to explain, the term ”blazer” can occasionally lead to misunderstandings. Because the advice offered here applies to blazers and sports coats. I’ll discuss these types of jackets in this piece.

Do you find it challenging to find a turtleneck that goes well with your blazer? Do not fear, since keeping this in mind as you read the rest of the essay will be of great use!

7 Tips To Wear A Turtleneck and a Blazer

Male model in a turtleneck with a red blazer.

1.     Ensure That Your Turtleneck Is The Appropriate Size

When you want to wear a blazer on top of a turtleneck sweater, choose a turtleneck with a more tailored fit than you normally would. It will ensure that the blazer fits properly.

You don’t want it to be ridiculously constrictive by any imagination, but it should fit somewhat closely. It should wrap around your body closely but not so close that it feels or looks thick when worn under a jacket or sports coat.

A turtleneck with a slimmer cut is an excellent choice when you want to layer your outfit like we are trying to do with a blazer. Make sure that the shoulder seams of the sweater line up properly with the end of your shoulders, as you would with any sweater.

In addition, check to see that the sleeves completely envelop the arms to the point where very little excess fabric is visible when you extend your arm to the side. It shouldn’t be so tight that it rides up into your underarms, nor should it be so slack that it hangs off your shoulders.

Determine how much of the sweater’s fabric you can draw up by pinching it just below your ribs. If you can pull more than two inches of the turtleneck, there is a good chance that it is too big for you.

When you wear that jacket and tuck in the turtleneck the length doesn’t matter, but if you wear it untucked, try to keep it no more than two inches below your belt buckle. Keeping this in mind when shopping for clothes is especially vital if you have a larger frame.

2.     Pick a turtleneck With Neutral Colors

If you keep your turtlenecks to neutral tones, it will be much simpler for you to wear them beneath blazers. More precisely, choosing neutral light hues will be the best action. Off-white, light grey, light tan brown, and olive green are a few examples of such hues.

Because there’s a very small chance that they will clash, these look great with blazers and sports coats. Blazers, for example, are frequently offered in more muted colors like dark grey, navy blue, or black. It could be difficult to match these with the right bottoms if the turtleneck is a dominating, non-neutral, or darker color.

You won’t be able to blend in as effectively with a black turtleneck and a navy blue jacket as you would with an off-white or light grey turtleneck. If you stay with these soft, neutral, light colors as your primary color pallet, you will have the added benefit of looking quite winter-appropriate.

If possible, make an effort to create a sense of harmony between the turtleneck colors and your jacket. For instance, a tan brown turtleneck would look better with a dark brown tweed sports coat than a light grey turtleneck would with a charcoal grey blazer. A black blazer would look great with both of these outfits.

However, it would help if you avoided the usual blunder of overly pairing a blazer with a turtleneck. If the two colors are too similar, a dreadful monochromatic look will follow which you should avoid.

They look well with other items you might be wearing in addition to that jacket or sports coat, and they are great colors to wear in the fall and winter.

3.     Place Shirttails Inside Dress Pants

If you’re also wearing blazer and business pants, make an effort with your appearance by tucking your turtleneck. Although it’s unnecessary, I think you’ll agree that it looks much nicer.

Dress pants are at the higher end of the range and are more formal. They are not nearly as formal as suit pants because it is usually made from a fabric that is thicker and less shiny. They often have jetted pockets, a crease down the middle of the pant legs, and perhaps even pleats.

In terms of formality, they’re a step up from chinos and jeans. A turtleneck will appear nicer if tucked in, even if it may not require further attention when worn over a pair of formal slacks. This is particularly true if you complete the outfit with a blazer.

Businessman in a turtleneck.

This is so that a more formal image can be achieved by pairing a blazer with dress pants. The rest of your clothing can look too casual to carry off well if you don’t tuck in your turtleneck. Wearing a belt with a turtleneck top that needs to be tucked in may seem obvious, but it is important to remember to do so.

You have more freedom if you dress casually with chinos, a turtleneck, and a blazer. If you’re also wearing a jacket, you can still pair chinos with a turtleneck that isn’t tucked in.

4.     The Double-Breasted Blazer Is a Great Choice

A turtleneck sweater can be worn under a double-breasted blazer, which works out surprisingly nicely. As a result of your more formal appearance, double-breasted jackets are an excellent choice when the objective is to spruce up an existing ensemble.

When pairing a double-breasted jacket with a turtleneck, the key to making the look work is to ensure that the other components of your outfit are appropriately formal. To put it another way, they ought to be able to mesh nicely with the air of sophistication exuded by the double-breasted jacket.

Your turtleneck sweater ought to be the most laid-back piece of clothing you’re sporting right now.

5.     Choose Dress Pants Rather Than Slacks For Your Bottom Wear

Instead of chinos, you should choose dress pants for your bottom wear. If you do this, it will be clear that you are using a turtleneck to casualize an otherwise formal look, as opposed to simply throwing a mix of casual and formal elements together in a haphazard manner.

Doing so will draw attention to your use of a turtleneck to make an otherwise formal look more approachable.

6.     Avoid Striped Blazers

It’s highly recommended that you do not wear a turtleneck over a formal blazer. They would seem more respectable if they were worn over a shirt. Pick a blazer that is either uncomplicated or features an uncomplicated pattern, such as a houndstooth, windowpane, glen check, or herringbone.

Although all are acceptable options, sports coats and blazers are more likely to feature the designs in question. Blazers are more structured than sports coats and typically include unpadded shoulders, less canvassing, and a more relaxed cut. In addition, they are woven with complicated patterns, such as tweed.

7.     Experiment With Jeans And Pants

Choose one striped black and white, pair it with palazzo pants and a long jacket. Include a pair of black boots, a velvet bag, a pair of sunglasses, and a black turtleneck. In addition, you may wear a light blue suit with a cropped jacket and pants, a beige turtleneck, a white purse, and beige high heels. It has a soft and delicate feel about it.

Those looking for ideas on how to dress casually may find our tips helpful. How about a light blue cuffed pair of jeans, a black leather bag, a black leather lace-up flat ankle boot, and a black turtleneck? Quite straightforward, right?

The second option is to wear a brown tweed open jacket, a white turtleneck, cropped pants, and brown leather mid-calf boots. You could finish off the look by donning a white turtleneck, a jacket with a snakeskin print, a black leather waist bag, black leather skinny jeans, white sneakers, and sunglasses.

Combine a pink turtleneck with a pink jacket, checkered culottes, a black leather bag, and red mules with red heels. For this outfit, a hot pink flowing turtleneck is recommended wear.

You may also wear slacks with an emerald print paired with a black turtleneck, a black jacket with a loose fit, a black leather purse, suede low-heeled shoes, and black suede high-tops.

Can You Wear A Blazer With A Turtleneck?

Of course! A turtleneck and jacket are more comfortable and versatile than a full suit for smart-casual daytime attire. Remember that turtlenecks are not only a great opportunity to experiment with blazers made from more interesting textured fabrics but also make a nice addition to a suit.

If you intend to wear your turtleneck under a blazer, you should select a turtleneck on the more form-fitting end of the spectrum. This will ensure that the jacket fits well over the turtleneck.

You don’t need to wear something skin-tight, but a turtleneck with a more tailored touch will be easier to wear beneath a jacket without billowing and will assist in creating an overall more polished look for you.

However, matching a blazer and turtleneck together is not as simple as adding two and two. To assure its success, a range of criteria, ranging from the cut of the turtleneck to the formality of the blazer, can influence just how good that combo is.

These factors can also affect whether or not that pairing is successful. Use the helpful instructions we have provided below to learn how to pull off the look of a blazer and turtleneck worn together by a man.

How Do You Style A Blazer And Turtleneck?

If you want a polished wardrobe that adheres to the greatest sartorial standards, you must have a blazer and a black turtleneck. These two items are fundamental necessities.

When you’re pressed for time yet need to exude an image of effortless sophistication, all you need is a blazer and a black turtleneck to get the job done. Add a pair of black embroidered velvet loafers to the mix for additional points in the fashion department.

Turtlenecks shouldn’t be the sole concern while putting together the outfit. The style can take on a completely different attitude and degree of formality, according to the worn blazer.

If you wear the turtleneck and blazer to a professional event, you might choose a wool blazer in either blue or black. These two colors can look well with practically any turtleneck you pair. Combining the turtleneck with a blue hopsack blazer with gold buttons creates a traditional preppy appearance that is perfect for evening outs or an event requiring more formal attire.

A man wearing a bright turtleneck and leather jacket.

In addition, if you plan on attending a holiday party or want to feel a bit more festive throughout the fall and winter, a velvet jacket would be a fantastic addition to your turtleneck ensemble.

There are many different ways to make the blazer with turtleneck work for you, regardless of whether you are a college student a middle-aged professional, or a retiree trying to make the most of those years that you have worked hard to gain.

Can Men Wear A Turtleneck With A Blazer?

Yes, a turtleneck under a blazer or a suit is great for men’s styling. Men’s fashion may look straightforward but it does not have to be limited or always the same. There are clothing pieces that can style men’s outfits which will enrich the entire attire and bring out a different perspective on stylish masculinity.

The turtleneck is a sexy and masculine garment that men can wear however they want. Turtlenecks are ultimately stylish and versatile which they can pair with any clothing piece and design. It can be worn with shorts, pants, trousers, leather shoes, rubber shoes, jeans, and a blazer.

The slim-fit blazer suits are stylish and fashionable pieces that answer the question can you wear a turtleneck with blazer men that are a smart fit for business, work, office, formal, and casual events. This is a versatile styling option for men who are busy and on the go and who sought to look fashionable in a comfortable and dynamic feeling.

How Do You Remove A Turtleneck Blazer?

Most people want to wear a turtleneck for their everyday events. That is exactly how people move forward with a particular plan. But they want to take it off at the end of the day as well.

How do you remove a turtleneck blazer? The project could be a must for anyone with the right drive as well. The person will want to exceed in a lot of new ways. How do you remove a turtleneck blazer? Just ask how and learn it over time.

The new reviews for the outfit could change many new perspectives. The perspective is that the turtleneck is going to change things for the time being. How do you remove a turtleneck blazer? The outfit can look better with the right kind of additions. Just be sure to write some good feedback for those who wear it. That is a smart outfit for people.

Modern men sporting turtleneck blazers strolling downtown.


To achieve a harmonious appearance, colors must work well together. The colors navy, grey, and ecru are all neutrals. Brown is a color that works well with other colors from the same palette, but mastering the art of color mixing can enable you to create more interesting outfits.

If you find yourself getting bored easily, you might want to consider upgrading the weave or material of your skivvy. A blazer with a collar is the best choice to pair with a turtleneck, a roll-neck should be worn with a suit or jacket, and a turtleneck should be worn with a blazer.

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