My Girlfriend Doesn’t Text Me Like She Used To: Here’s Why

What is the reason that your girlfriend doesn’t text back? Why does a guy get upset when his girlfriend stops texting him? What can a guy do when his girlfriend stops texting him? These are questions asked by every man in a relationship with the woman he loves. Read on to discover possible answers to these questions.

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Does Not Respond or Text You Back

She is No Longer Interested In You

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Your girlfriend may no longer respond to your text because she has simply lost interest in you. It is difficult to maintain a healthy relationship over a long period of time. Your girlfriend may have seen something in you that she did not like and decided to close the relationship chapter in her life. She may not have been honest or forthright about her true feelings regarding leaving the relationship and moving on with her life.

She Needs Her Space in the Relationship

Both of you are going through troubling times and she needs her space to gain clarity about the relationship. She has noticed the constant arguing and abuse in the relationship that is more than she can bear. She has decided that she needs “her space” in the relationship in order to decide her path forward.

She Has Met Someone Else That She Finds More Interesting

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Your girlfriend may no longer respond to your text because she has met someone else that she finds more interesting than you. After all, she meets different people every day and conversates with many different guys. One of those guys has piqued her interest and now she wants to get to know the other guy better.

She Needs More Attention

A woman is always looking for a guy who will give her the attention that she seeks. You may not be as affectionate a guy as she needs. A woman loves to be touched, hugged, and kissed by her man. If you are not the affectionate type of guy she may see a problem that will never be resolved.

She Finds You to Be Dull and Boring

If you are in a long-term relationship, it can be difficult to keep it spicy and interesting. Your girlfriend may find you dull and boring and not the long-term boyfriend type.

She Wants You to Pursue Her More

Every woman loves being pursued by her boyfriend. She may not respond to your text, because she wants more growth from you in the relationship. Try calling her more or writing her a poem or love letter. The more you pursue her, the better chance you have at showing her that you really care about her.

She Prefers Talking on the Telephone

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Your girlfriend may prefer hearing your voice by talking on the telephone with you. Texting may not be her favorite way of communicating with you. Speak with her to see if she is the texting type of girl. Her answers may surprise you and give you a new way to tell her how much you love her.

Your Relationship is in a Bad Place

Your relationship seems to constantly be a bad place with your girlfriend. There is arguing and abuse between the two of you that is difficult to bear. It seems that both of you reach a boiling point where you cannot agree to disagree with each other.

She will tolerate abuse only so long and then decide that it is time to close the chapter and move on with her life. Your girlfriend may have decided that it is not worth it to continue being in a constantly bad place in her relationship.

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Why do Guys Get Upset When Their Girlfriends Are Not Responding Back?

You Believe That She is Cheating With Another Man

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A man will often believe that his girlfriend is cheating on him when she stops responding to his text. He has noticed the perfume she is now wearing and the more revealing clothing that exposes certain parts of her body.

He wonders if she has met someone else and is trying to impress the other man instead of him. The constant attention that he used to receive from his girlfriend has dwindled down to nothing and making him upset that she could be moving on with someone else.

He Wants to Control the Relationship

A man who wants to control the relationship with his girlfriend is often a bully, manipulator, and pushy with regards to keeping his girlfriend under his thumb. He generally wants to tell his girlfriend what to say, what to do, and what she can wear.

This type of relationship is more like a parent-child relationship rather than a partnership. The more passive girlfriend will tolerate the treatment and abuse until she realizes that she deserves better. This type of man is always upset and angry when he cannot control his girlfriend and the relationship. Anything like not receiving a text from his girlfriend can make him angry.

He Feels That Something Has Happened and She Has Suddenly Lost Interest

A man will get upset when his girlfriend does not respond to his text because he feels something has happened in the relationship and she has lost interest.

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A man is trained to provide, protect and profess his love to his girlfriend. If he is not able to do this in his relationship, then he has failed his girlfriend by not giving her what she needs. When a man’s girlfriend has lost interest in the relationship, it will make him angry and sad because he knows that he has lost someone who is special to him.

Should I Worry if My Girlfriend Does Not Respond to my Text?

You should worry anytime effective communication is lost in your relationship. If your girlfriend is not responding to your text, then yes, it is time to worry and inquire about what is going on in your relationship. It may be that she needs space, is tired of the constant arguing, or contemplating moving on and ending the relationship.

It is time to call your girlfriend for a long serious talk about your path moving forward. Ask her about the issues in your relationship and how you can solve them? This is a good time to ask the right questions and listen to her about what she needs from you? Ask her why she has not been responding to your text and work hard to resolve the problems as she sees them.

If You are Having an Argument About an Important Issue

You should worry about your girlfriend not texting you back if both of you have been arguing over an important issue in your relationship. Your girlfriend may be angry about a subject matter in your relationship and may find it difficult to continue speaking with you about the matter. It may be easier for her to stop talking about it for now and re-visit the issue in the future.

Worry If You Stopped Texting Her First

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Your girlfriend may be upset with you for stopping texting her first. Your anger at her may not be what you think. She may have noticed your change in behavior and how you have decreased your text messages to her.

Do not point the finger at her until you look at your behavior in the relationship. She may have a point about you stopping the text messages before she did. In this case, an apology is appropriate along with an explanation of why your behavior changed towards her.

What Should I Do When My Girlfriend Does Not Respond to My Text?

Talk to Her Face to Face

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Speak with your girlfriend face to face if she has stopped responding to your text messages. This is a sign that there is a problem in your relationship that must immediately be resolved. Texting is no longer appropriate to fix the problem.

Work on effective communication with your girlfriend so that she understands how you feel about her. Effective communication means that you keep in touch about where each of you is during the day. Do not be controlling but inquisitive about her well-being and care.

Send Her Roses or a Gift

“Roses are a girl’s best friend” is not just something to say, but a statement that every girlfriend will testify to its truth. If you feel that there is a problem in your relationship and your girlfriend no longer responds to your text messages, then send her roses to show her how much you love her.

Roses will speak to her heart and give her a reason to smile. It will show your girlfriend the thoughtful and kind side of you that she saw when the two of you first began your relationship. It is time for your relationship to press the reset button and begin your romance and love again with the gift of roses.

Take Her on a Special Private Date

Take your girlfriend on a special private date to show her that you still care. Do something that the two of you have never done together before so that it will be more of an experience and not just a date.

Couple having a romantic date outdoor.

Hot air ballooning is a great way to show your love for her. Take her on an exotic trip to the Caribbean and explore the tropical islands. Take a cruise ship and watch the ocean waters roll as you travel to a private destination. Give her a memory that will last forever and get those text messages started again.

Tell Her How Beautiful and Special She Is

A woman loves to be told that she is beautiful and special. It is an acknowledgment that you recognize her and everything that she brings to the table of the relationship. She will remember how appreciative you are and know that you do not take her love for granted. Telling her that she is beautiful and special is one of the best ways to get to her heart.

Write Your Girlfriend a Love Letter

If your girlfriend has stopped responding to your text messages, then write her a love letter to show your love. It may take more than one love letter, depending upon the seriousness of your situation.

A love letter from you shows her that you truly care and is something that she can always keep and cherish for a lifetime. She may want to sleep with your love letter under her pillow every night to feel closer to you. Let the love letters be as personal as possible, filled with her passions and what you want to say to her.

Write a Special Poem

Write your girlfriend a special poem about how much you miss her text messages so that she will get the picture that she should be texting you more. It may be something that she has not noticed and needs you to call to her attention. A beautiful love poem will tug at her heartstrings and bring her back to the love you remember.

Have a Celebratory Party

It does not have to be her birthday for you to celebrate your love. Set a love theme and show her how much you care. Decorate the party place with red hearts and roses and place pictures of the two of you together as a couple.

Take the time to remind her that she has a good man who loves and misses her texting to him. A party is a great way to bring her family friends and loved ones around to support the wonderful woman she is and to show how much everyone loves being with her.

Cook Her Favorite Dinner

Cook her favorite dinner and set up an intimate place at home by the fireplace to say everything you need to say. It could be a great time to have a serious talk about growing your relationship. Bring up the subject of her not texting you as often, in a comfortable way.

Young man cooking in the kitchen.

Do not argue or chastise her but speak on a level that is not aggressive or volatile. If you are a great cook, then make a menu of her favorite foods and prepare the dinner yourself. If you are not a good cook, then order from her favorite restaurant. Bring wine or champagne to make your dinner a celebration of the two of you and your love.

Send Her an E-Card

Send your girlfriend a great e-card to show her how much you care. Hopefully, she will get the message that she needs to text you more. There are great card companies that will send your special e-card to your girlfriend that will show her that you care. Send her an e-card for every year you have been together. It will be something that she can cherish and keep forever.

Say the Words I Love You

Every girl wants to feel secure in her relationship. She wants to hear those magical words of “I love you.” When your girlfriend stops texting you, respond with a text telling her how beautiful she is, how much fun you have with her, how special she is and finally ending with “I love you.”

If she still has any feelings for you at all, she will respond with a heart emoji. The two of you will be on the right path again of texting each other more to say how you feel.

Tell Her Your Dreams

It has often been said that when you tell your girl about your dreams, you are becoming intimate with her. A girl is looking for intimacy in her relationship, which is what dreams are made of. Telling her your dreams opens up a dialogue that will help her to understand you better and allow her to open up about her dreams. It may surprise you where the conversation will lead and how interested she quickly becomes.

Make a Music Playlist

When your girlfriend doesn’t text back, let her know how much you care by making her a music playlist of all her favorite love songs. You may want to add some new music to the list that she may enjoy. Make a point to play your music playlist whenever the two of you are alone. She will think that you are the most thoughtful and attentive guy that she has ever known.

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A love music playlist is something that she can play and remember how you are even when you are not around. She will begin to think of ways to please you and begin texting you more.


Now that you have an idea of what to do when your girlfriend doesn’t text back, you can feel more at ease on how to solve the problem. She may need space, find you dull and boring, have met someone else, may want more attention, prefers talking on the telephone, or your relationship may be in a bad place.

Send her red roses, write her a poem or love letter, take her on a special date, cook her favorite dinner or make a music playlist to get her texting you again.

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