Are Citizen Watches Good: What You Need To Do

As one of the most popular watch brands in the world, you have probably heard the name Citizen for a time or two. But just because something is popular doesn’t always mean it’s good, as I have found out the hard way with certain things. So that begs the question, are Citizen watches good?

In this review, we’ll look at some of the most popular models and their competitors to see if the classic brand has still got its glamour and quality.

Now I like to think of myself as a watch connoisseur. Just like a sweet dessert finishes a fine dinner, a new watch completes a perfect outfit. Although I mainly stick with a small rotation of trustee watches, every now and then I will break out a flashy watch for a hot date or a night out on the town.

Despite breaking out a fancy timepiece on occasion. I always go back to my trusted regulars. The qualities I look for in an everyday watch are simplicity, sleekness, inexpensive, and the ability to bring any outfit together. Do Citizen watches meet these requirements? In this review, we’ll dig into all of these to determine the best watch brand that you can trust on a daily.

What is Citizen Watches?

For anyone who doesn’t know, Citizen has been making watches for more than 100 years! Actually, 104 years to be exact (as of 2022). With as much experience as the Japanese company has, Citizen is a big name in the watch world.

Citizen was the first brand to invent light-powered watches. In 1976 with the release of the Crystal Solar Cell, the world’s first light-powered analog quartz watch, a movement was started. With the innovation of Citizen, the path was paved for many companies to follow.

Citizen also changed the game with their automated assembly line, which produces Citizen watch parts. The assembly line was first used in the 1970’s to produce the quartz movement, and is still used to this day. Almost every part of Citizen watched is made in-house. Almost every part comes from their home country, Japan, including electronic chips, mechanical components, and more.

The luxurious watches are created by hand by specialized craftsmen known as Meister and Super Meisters. High-end Citizen watches, such as the Chronomaster quartz model, are always handmade by a watchmaker who has shown a dedication to his craft, with at least 30 years of watch-making experience with Citizen.

Citizen Meisters assembling watches with special tools.

Citizen also broke new ground by releasing the first titanium watch in 1970. The X-8 Chronometer model was the first electric watch to have a case made fully of titanium. To continue with the innovation, Citizen launched the first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch in 1993. Being synchronized with atomic clocks allows them to be accurate to within one second in 100,000 years!

Things to Consider When Buying a Watch From Citizen

As mentioned above, Citizen watches are unique in the fact that practically every piece of their watches is made in-house. It is impossible to find a watch brand that is as committed to making quality watches as Citizen is. Simply put, nobody is making the same contributions that Citizen is making.

Citizen is committed to making quality watches that will keep time. Compared to its competitor, Seiko, who is known for losing track of time. This may be a good thing if you want an excuse to be late everywhere, and just use the excuse that your watch says you are on time. But that just doesn’t seem practical.

Quality doesn’t always mean super expensive though. Citizen strives to keep their watches affordable, while getting the quality of some of the more expensive brands, such as Rolex. Sure, Rolex may be flashy, old-fashioned, and reliable, but Citizen is always looking for new innovations to revolutionize and change the world of watches as they have been doing for 100 years.

Sure, a Rolex may get the attention of that girl or guy you have been trying to impress, but once you impress them, you’ll have no money to take them on a date because you spent all your money on that shiny chunk of metal on your wrist.

Citizen Watch Reviews

1.     The Citizen Promaster Professional Diver

The Citizen Promaster Professional Diver has been on my mind for a long time. The simple design has a very sleek design that screams “everyday watch”, it is definitely a watch to keep in your daily rotation that will turn heads and demand respect. This timeless piece is perfect for any occasion, or any normal day. Its flexibility is something that just can’t be matched by any other watch.

Another positive about this watch is its endurance and toughness. Most watch companies will throw a cheap dive watch out there just so they can be a part of the club. But Citizen isn’t most companies. Known for its quality, Citizen hasn’t wavered with this watch.

The Promaster Professional Diver in black strap.

The Promaster Professional Diver has a three-hand quartz movement with a date display. It comes with Citizen’s proprietary Eco-Drive technology, meaning it can use any kind of light to charge the battery. So, unless you’re Patrick Star, who literally lives under a rock, you’ll never lose battery again.

The Promaster is also known for its accuracy, offering +/-15 sec/month accuracy in a normal temperature range of 5 C to 35 C.

The price is a major plus for this watch. When you think of high quality you may expect a high price tag to come with it. Not with this watch. As one of the more affordable styles, you get everything you may ever want and need in a watch.

You get style, durability, longevity, usability, practicality, and dates. (Not that kind of date! The watch shows the actual date!) Everything you can ask for comes in one wrist piece. I can 100% recommend this watch.

2.     The Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph

This watch is another one that will match everything. Can’t you tell those are my favorites? It is for good reason though. It is the perfect mix between classy and practical, simple but flashy, classic but modern, bad, and bougie. Ok, the last part may be a joke, but you get the idea.

My favorite part is the stylish leather band. The band gives the watch a sleek look that is fit for everyday life but will also impress prospective employers or clients with your tasteful sense of style.

Eco-Drive Chronograph watch with rich leather brown strap.

The watch’s face is full of features hiding behind a mask of simplicity. Locked away in a stainless-steel case is the iconic Japanese quartz movement. Like many other Citizen watches, this one is solar-powered. Some of the features on the watch face, I don’t even know what they mean! But it looks damn cool, doesn’t it?

The diameter of the watch is 44mm, giving you a nice fit for any size wrist. The watch has a 1/5 second chronograph measuring up to 60 minutes, 12/24-hour time, and date. It is water resistant 100m or 333ft. And of course, the solar-powered quartz eco-drive movement.

3.     romaster Dive Automatic

For all you flashy guys out there, this is your watch right here. This timepiece is going to turn heads everywhere you go. The professional metal band is an exquisite addition to an already fancy watch. For the attention seekers, this one will get you all the attention you could ever dream of.

This is not an everyday watch. This is your yacht watch. The watch you wear when you want everybody to ask you what you do for work. In other words, “Are you rich?”

The Promaster Dive Automatic with two-tone stainless steel case.

The color combination of silver, gold and royal blue come together seamlessly. The serrated bezel design was inspired by a fugu, the Japanese name for a pufferfish. On the case back, you can also find an engraving of a fugu. The work of art that is the rotating blue bezel coming together with the gold-tone stainless steel case, meeting the silver band, could not have been crafted any better.

Maybe one of the most stylish watches I’ve listed, but the least flexible. This is definitely a pick-your-outfit wisely watch, but it can be the perfect finish to that perfect outfit.

4.CZ Smart

Ghasp! A smart twatch? Am I a fake watch guy? Just hear me out The CZ Smart watch is not your typical Apple or Samsung watch. The CZ combines your traditional idea of watch style with the modern technology of today. Inspired by the designs of the classic sports watches of Citizen’s past, you still get that sophisticated style you look for in a watch, without missing out on the great technology of the future!

The watch features a color touchscreen dial and is powered by the top tech company, Google with its Wear OS technology. Have you ever paid for a coffee with your watch? Me neither. But this watch can change that.

Compatible with both Android and Apple, the watch gives you the versatility to pick which kind of phone you want to buy. Especially if you’re team Android like me! Ok all jokes aside, if you want the style of a classic old-school watch, with futuristic technology, this is your watch to have the best of both worlds.

As much as I have talked about practicality, this one may be the most practical. With a literal computer attached to your wrist, the possibilities are endless. The best part is you can have all these features and freedoms without sacrificing the look of a traditional sexy watch on your wrist.

What Do Others Say About Citizen Watches?

Being an innovative, world-famous brand, people will have a lot to say about your products. Of course, the reviews have been mostly positive. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself. Here are some brief reviews from Citizen watch owners.

It is extremely hard to come across a negative review on a citizen watch. The jury is out. and reviews are overwhelmingly positive. When you have a company who is as committed to quality and innovation as Citizen, you’re bound to get a plethora of good reviews.

My Thoughts on Citizen

What I Like

I think Citizen is one of the best watch brands out there. You can’t find the quality and affordability anywhere else that Citizen offers.

  • Citizen offers watches in every price range making them accessible to everyone. Even getting a less expensive Citizen watch will not sacrifice quality.
  • There is a wide variety of styles, catering to the different kinds of people who may be looking for a quality watch.
  • There is free shipping within the United States, and a 30-day return period. A warranty is also offered on most watches.
  • You will never have to replace batteries on their solar-powered and light-powered watches.
  • Citizen offers watches for every occasion, whether you want to live everyday life or be a bailer one day.

What I don’t like

Really, I am having a hard time finding anything I don’t like about Citizen watches. If I am really trying to be picky, maybe I can say I don’t like the color scheme of a couple of watches, but that is not a negative on the company. It’s just my personal taste.

In Conclusion

Time to answer the big question. Are Citizen watches good? For me, it is a clear and resounding YES! It is hard to find quality like Citizen in any industry. They offer very stylish and durable watches that are hard to beat.

That being said, really only you can answer that question for yourself. Is it your style? Is it right for your lifestyle? I am just here to provide the information. Now it is on you to make the decision for yourself. So what do you think? Are Citizen watches good?

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