Banned From Hinge Solution: Ways You Can Be Unbanned & Why You Got Banned

Nowadays, we’re so accustomed to relying on everything from social media to dating apps that losing one of our accounts may be unsettling.

Although some of these accounts may even seem to be an extension of who we are or who we are as people, these platforms are ultimately not ours. If dating sites’ users aren’t safe, no one will use them, which is terrible for everyone.

But occasionally, efforts to keep the platforms secure might backfire, and

Hinge suggests other people who are a good fit for you using the Most Compatible feature. What should you do if you discover that Hinge has banned you?

Continue reading to see how it occurs and what you can do to prevent it.

What Is A Hinge Ban?

The Hinge will let you know if you’ve been suspended. An alert outlining what transpired will appear when you attempt to access your account. Some Hinge users are discovering that they are being banned from the app for no apparent reason as its popularity among daters continues to rise.

How Do You Get Banned From Hinge?

Sometimes a ban occurs suddenly, and other times you know you are in danger. If a warning from the government is received, heed it. You want to avoid being banned and creating a new Hinge account at all costs because that is a significant pain. Be sure to comprehend the behavior you are being warned about and refrain from engaging in it in the future.

A shadowban is more difficult because it needs official documentation. You might instead find that you’re receiving a different number of matches or messages than you once did.

There are many reasons why your profile may start to receive less attention, but a shadowban is a possibility if you have cause to think that you have disturbed the Hinge app. To prevent a total ban, you should behave yourself.

On the other side, they will notify you as soon as you are permanently banned from Hinge. You’ll get a notification as soon as it occurs, and you’ll be unable to access your matches, messages, or other app data.

Understanding the Hinge ban process will let you figure out how to prevent it. The following are some of the more frequent problems, while there are many other ways you could end up having issues with the program.

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Breaking the rules

The most frequent instances of inappropriate activity that result in a ban are violating the Hinge terms of service, acting against community standards, or being reported by other users.

The most frequent issues are hate speech, harassment, sexually explicit content, offensive language, fake accounts, providing false information, catfishing, solicitation, seeking money, or pushing services, regardless of which of those categories you fall into.

Be careful not to offend anyone because Hinge will consider the report seriously. If a conversation isn’t going well, it’s preferable to unmatch and move on than to try to argue your point at the risk of being banned.

Third-party apps

A loss of your Hinge account is the most likely outcome, even though many third-party apps make grand claims about what they can do. Today’s dating applications like Hinge and others are surprisingly intelligent.

Furthermore, if you install software that tries to bypass their defenses, their systems are likely to notice. It is advised to avoid most of these apps because they are likely to have adverse effects or cost money.

Can You Get Unbanned From Hinge?

Although challenging, it’s not impossible. Contrary to many other applications, Hinge has established a formal appeals procedure for users who have been banned by mistake or due to false complaints.

The good news is that even if your current Hinge account is permanently excluded, you can always start fresh with a new Hinge account. Additionally, we’ll explain how to do that.

Although you can appeal the decision by contacting customer service, regaining access to a banned Hinge account is challenging. You won’t be able to demand a moderation team’s decision to kick you from Hinge if they have reviewed your behavior and made that determination.

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This is because they frequently have a justification for their choice. There is an appeals process if a restriction is imposed inadvertently.

In contrast to other apps, you will receive a link to an appeals filing form and a notification of a ban. On violations, Tinder is strict. If a user’s account is banned, there is no form or other mechanism to get in touch with customer support to request that the account be unbanned. You only get one chance at this, so make sure you adhere to all the appeals filing guidelines.

Just complete all the forms they ask for with care and include a thorough account of your story. Say so if you believe the ban was imposed accidentally. If there was an incident with another user, explain everything calmly.

Remember that you need to sound like someone who would be happy using their app. After submitting the appeal, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and you can follow the progress from there.


Preventing your Hinge account from being banned in the first place is the most excellent strategy for dealing with getting your account unbanned. The issue is worth avoiding since none of your options are plentiful after you’ve been kicked from the Hinge app.

Fortunately, you shouldn’t have too many cases if you use the Hinge app as intended—that is, how people generally use dating apps. However, alter your behavior to avoid going through the ban/unban procedure again. After all, a single ban usually serves as a good lesson, and users of dating apps are more likely to behave themselves going forward.

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