Bleached Buzz Cut: All Different Styles Explained

As years turn to decades, the generations change in styles and tastes. But over these years we learned that fashion seemed to behave in cyclical behavior though it always presented something new to add to every trend that repeats.

Among the so many facets of human aesthetics, is the harmony between the hair, face, facial features, body, and skin tone never missing the top 10 or top 5 most prioritized concerns when it comes to the beautification of everyone.

The hairstyle does not stand alone on its own. One must pay careful attention to the human potential to be aesthetically accurate, appealing, and by all means, inviting. This may well begin with a simple start in haircut, like the buzz cut.

What is a Buzz Cut?

When Nikola Bizumic (1823 -1906) introduced the manual clipper, commonly accepted as the hand-held razor (now we use electric clippers), Great Britain immediately understood the value and implications, especially in military and sanitary practices. And in a short span of time Europe fancied the same tool as well.

Buzz Cut or Wiffle Cut became a common and practical approach to haircut style with the use of this manual or hand-held razor. Yes! no scissors or blade, just the clipper alone. Easy and fast.

The Buzz Cut manages a thin layer of hair that conforms to the shape of the head, or as if this thin layer embraces the head. Depending on the clipper’s guard size you can taper the sides and back into a short, semi-short, or medium cut

Types of Buzz Cut

Smiling man sporting a buzz cut hair.

Buzz cuts can be loosely classified into a variety of cuts or styles based on the hues or color of the hair but there are commonly accepted categories of the buzz cut style on how it frames the head. Most of the types the buzz cut is shaped into are based on geometrical cuts best compatible with the shape and size of the head.

Here we will see the most commonly applied styles of buzz cut – the screw cut, flattop, faded, and a street term, which is military cut. But these are all in the days of the past. Today, as fashion has transformed the haircut discipline into a more complex interpretation of human expression and body language, new subtle categories emerge.

The Blonde Buzz Cut

A leading cut is a blonde where the cut and the use of a guard are specially applied to emphasize the complementary relation between the color of the hair and the shape of the head. Commonly, the practice used tells that darker skin tones are best complemented by blonde hair in buzz cut style. But, one may need to consider carefully the subtle styles that fall under the buzz umbrella.

The blonde buzz cut has been, among all the styles, in the top most prominent and most used styles by a good range in the demographics. People even manage their own skin tone just to fashion a blonde buzz cut.

Famous rappers, celebrities, music, and sports icons, the military, and even from the clergy have been in this style year on and year out. From students to professionals, eccentric and introverts all practice this type of haircut and hair color.

The blonde buzz cut seemed to be present in almost all fashion seasons in all fashion cycles. From Southeast Asia to Europe and the Americas – even communist countries know and practice this style.

The Lineup Buzz

This cut emphasizes well-defined cut lines that draw sharp and bends clear angles to see where the hair and exposed skin meet. This is somehow the opposite of the faded buzz.

This style of buzz is not for all kinds of faces, this is hard to maintain as the sharp and well-defined line becomes less defined as your hair grows especially when your hair is naturally a curly one. The lineup or lineup buzz is commonly used in more rounded shaped faces to balance and control the aesthetical effect.

The Zero Buzz

Why not just go clean and bald? Well for the precision-conscious dudes, the zero buzz is by its name the most extreme buzz cut. Taking from the clippers with no guards to use, which means zero guards give as much exposure to the scalp as it can get.

Depending on the thickness of the strand this cut may leave a shadow-like hue. Nevertheless, this style is the gray line between having a completely naked head and a bit shy one.

The Induction Buzz

The induction buzz got its name from the military, with 0.5 guards to the clipper, this style gets the layer cut as thin or as thick as the uniform of the soldier. The induction is most common in the military, government, and sometimes correctional facilities. This style mitigates for a higher hygiene quality and acts as a good measure against lice.

The Taper Buzz

A young guy in taper buzz cut.

The taper uses a guard 1 from the bottom and works to 2 on the top. Commonly mistaken as fade but this particular style uses the same guard type of clipper around the head (horizontally). This is a simple buzz, fast and easy to get. Clean enough to be used on both corporate and social approaches.

The Knuckle Buzz

Not all men have the same healthy thickness of hair, and the buzz cut sometimes improperly exposes the imminent insufficiencies in some regions. The knuckle buzz, for practical intents and purposes, provides an informal style of handling this using 4 to 5 guards with liberal strokes.

In most self-applied cuts, one may use the finders and press it on their head and every hair that stands out higher than the finder and up to the knuckles get cut off – hence 4 to 5 guard.

The Skin Fade Buzz

Down the street in the most casual of salons and barbershops, when you request a face cut this may instantly be understood as the skin fade buzz.

In this cut, from the bottom side and back, no guards will be used to instantly make the skin visible and work on to the top with a 2 or 3 guards depending on how the final cut will compliment the good features of the head from all sides. The skin fade buzz more common among younger generations

The Burr Buzz

The burr buzz utilizes 1 guard for the entire head. Usually between 1 or 2 guard types should do it. More applicable for the bearded head, the burr buzz gives a uniform layer of thinness

The High and Tight Buzz

This buzz style is specifically dedicated to making the face look less rounded and gives a sense of height. This buzz cut utilizes 1 to 2 guards up to a higher level in the head, usually to the temple but in a more defined contrast leaves more hair on the top.

This style manages to position the hair structure to add more volume on top as it reduces volume on the side of the head adding more height to the overall appearance.

The Undercut Buzz

A smiling young man with undercut hairstyle.

This style only applies the buzz cut on the side and leaves the top completely to a different style. This cut does not connect the sides to the top in a faded fashion but clearly leaves a vivid boundary between the two. The top hair usually gets a longer cut or is managed as a brush-up.

The Faded Buzz

The cut starts without guards from the side bottom and back and as it gets higher the guard increases allowing a fading effect starting from a thicker top and going down to a level where the skin is almost visible. This cut sports a more defined cut compared to skin-fade buzz. But most of the time the 2 are considered the same.

The Brush Buzz

The brush cut allows a considerable even cut on the sides and sports a more rounded top. The top looks not uniformly even. The brush cut usually is considered the opposite of the screen cut which highlights a straight or even top. The brush cut is also known for its longer, more liberated top that is easy to comb and flows properly given in any direction.

The Crew Buzz

Not all experts hold the opinion that crew cut falls well within the classification of buzz due to the practice of using guard No. 6 for the clipper which allows longer hair. Nevertheless, the crew cut sports a flat or even-leveled top and a smooth buzz cut on the side.

The crew cut distinct itself as the formal brush cut for the brush cut makes an uneven more rounded top compared to the flat top of the crew cut.

The Jarhead Buzz

The jarhead has some military genes in its history. With zero guards on all sides and 1 guard on the top, this marine cut by the street name provides a good emphasis on the shape and features of the head.

So if you think you have a good-shaped head or a well-sculpted one then this might be a good choice to start with. This gives off a clean but serious take.

How To Know Which Buzz Cut Works Best For You?

Man getting a trendy haircut in the barbershop.

The fascinating thing about the modern buzz cut is that it provides a good range of subcategories to choose from. Each style of buzz has its own purpose, face, shape, and complexion to highly emphasize.

The blonde buzz cut works great with men of the darker complexion while answering which among the subcategories, depended on the objective of the person and specifically the shape and features of the face.

To answer this question is not that simple. You have to be with a stylist or a professional barber with good eyes and experience to properly know which style is best suited for you because when you decide on a particular style and you are halfway already but feel the cut is totally not for you, it can’t be undone. You might end up in a zero or induction buzz-though you can wait and let it grow again.

Color and hue of the face skin, the shape of the head, what style of beard you grow, and how far is your hairline from your eyebrows. How prominent is your jaw bone, is your head rounded or well-sculpted? These are so many considerations in deciding which buzz is best for you.

Making it right gives a ton of benefits from comfort to confidence levels, from bathing efficiencies to doing a good range of men’s wardrobe portfolios. Among the many advantages, this kind of cut provides is that it does not require any complicated way of styling after showering.

The buzz cut also does not discriminate between age, color, and gender, so long as you have good taste then you will do just fine. But, one needs to be reminded that a healthy scalp is needed for this to work. The buzz cut exposes your scalp or parts of the head so if you have a dry scalp or skin, dandruff, or any skin condition, you need to address it prior to seeing your stylist.

Coconut oil or aloe vera oil for the hair gives it a nice, healthy look while moisturizing your scalp. Anyway, the buzz cut makes a cooler and ventilated head, which in turn makes it very ideal for sports enthusiasts.

Are Buzz Cuts Good for Thinning Hair?

Buzz cuts have been and always will be a classic hair styling option. Are they suitable for people with thinning hair? Yes! And here’s why.

1.     Benefits of Buzz Cuts for Thinning Hair

Other than a great style that is attractive to all sorts of people, there are benefits to a buzz cut, especially for thinning hair.

2.     The Appearance of Fuller Hair

Buzz cuts are an excellent choice for thinning hair because the long thin hair is, the more apparent it is that it’s thin. Long thin hair typically appears very limp and dull. Having a buzz cut can give the appearance of thicker hair.

3.     Cost-Effective

Other than the minimal maintenance, a buzz cut is cost-effective for thinning hair because it won’t be necessary to spend tons of money on products that claim to aid in making hair thicker. The cut itself can lend a hand in making the hair appear less thin, and you are saving money at the same time.

4.     Buzz Cut Variations

In addition to an all-over buzz cut, you may opt for a cut that is slightly longer at the top of your head if you want to wear it in different styles.

Benefits of the Blonde Buzz Cut

A blonde buzz cut is flattering on men and women of different face and head shapes, skin tones, and ages. Other than being an attractive look, there are several other benefits to blonde buzz cuts.

1.     Maintenance

Maintaining a blonde buzz cut takes minimal effort. There’s no need to comb your hair or worry about long strands of hair in the shower, on the floor, or on furniture.

2.     Vast Selection of Blondes

What makes blonde buzz cuts exciting is the pop of color. Blonde describes many different shades, so there’s something for everyone.

3.     Cost-Effective

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a blonde buzz cut is that it is very inexpensive. Even if you decide to get your cut and color done professionally the first time, it is easy to maintain the cut at home, and the color is easy to apply all over your head thoroughly.

Is a Buzz Cut Unprofessional?

Buzz cuts come in many different styles. If you are wondering whether a buzz cut is professional for your place of work, for example, there are a few things to consider.

The Type of Buzz Cut

The singular most important factor that will determine whether or not a buzz cut is professional or appropriate for a professional environment depends on the type of buzz cut. This, of course, is relative to the type of work you do.

If you are a politician, it may not be considered professional to have your hair in a buzz cut with a mohawk. But if you work at a retail shop, the style will likely be celebrated.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of freedom of choice. In modern times, more and more styles are becoming an acceptable standard for the professional workplace. The question is whether you are comfortable with taking the risk to find out or asking your employer about it.


Reading this may have made you wonder about the big deal on buzz cuts or maybe (hopefully) learned something new and useful, either way, we are happy you took a generous amount of time to join us in expanding our appreciation of this small yet significant part of a bigger complex which is the fashion application to all.

When it comes to human aesthetics and fashion, the hair also plays a central role, as a crucial asset in making that first impression a start of so many promising things. Thanks, and hey, consider that buzz cut.

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