Best Way To Start A Convo On Tinder? Here are Some Examples

Have you recently started dating online? You have? Great! It can be a slow start to understand how the online dating scene works so it’s okay if you’re struggling. Once you get past the hard part, the rest is a piece of cake.

You may be referring to the hard part as starting a conversation with someone. What do you say? You may have other questions but for now, we’ll focus on the tips on how to start a conversation on Tinder. Let’s get started.

11 Tips to Start a Conversation on Tinder

1.    Compliment on their photo

Their photo is one of the first things you see when you click on their profile page to interact with them. Since you’re trying out online dating, their photo is the only thing you have to go by. Say something about their photo. Say something that will compliment them on their photo.

A woman likes a photo of a man on social media.

You can say things like, “I like your picture.” If that person was doing anything in the picture, you can say, “I like to do that too.” You can also ask, “Where did you have your photo taken?” These little sentences and questions will break the ice and will get you through the hard part.

2.    Talk about the weather

The weather is another good topic to talk about. It’s easy, and it will make both of you feel comfortable. If it’s pouring outside, you can say, “It’s pouring outside. Is it raining where you are?” If it’s sunny outside, you can say something like, “It’s a beautiful day outside. Is it sunny where you live?”

From those questions, you can ask more questions based on their answers. For example, you can say, “What are your plans for today since you’re stuck inside?” You could also ask, “How are you enjoying this beautiful weather?” You could also talk about the heat or how cold it is and strike up a conversation about which one you like the best.

3.    Ask about their hobbies

Another great conversation starter to talk about is their hobbies. When you show interest in them by asking about what they like to do, it makes them even more interested in you. You can ask them. “What do you like to do in your spare time?” Whatever answer they give you, you may love it too. If you don’t, politely say something nice about it.

4.    Be flirty

It’s encouraged to be flirtatious. Pull out all the stops because it can be hard to be flirty with someone online. You can’t bat your eyelashes, giggle, or flip your hair back. You can joke about something they said and you can use some simple flirtatious emojis such as a wink or a giggle emoji after your response.

5.    Ask questions

Another conversation starter would be to ask them questions. Everyone that goes on Tinder will need to fill out a profile that will match them to their best matches based on their profile. Before you send someone a message that you’re interested in, read the contents of their profile.

A woman chatting on her mobile phone.

Things you may find are their name, age, what they like to do, their family life, and what they’re looking for in a partner. Ask them questions about it. It will show them that you’re interested in what brought them there.

6.    Mention details that are similar to yours

The previous conversation starter ties into this one a little bit. When you’re reading their profile, see if you can find any similarities to what you like to do or what brought you to the dating site. Both of you may have a sister or a brother the same age or you may like doing the same things in your spare time.

When you message them, you can say, “I noticed that you like going to the beach on your days off. So do I.” The two of you can talk about your favorite beaches and what you like to bring to the beach.

7.    Ask them about their day

You never know the kind of day someone has had before they start talking or typing messages. When you send someone a message for the first time, you can say, “How’s your day going?” They’ll either say it was great or follow up with how your day is going. They could also go the opposite direction and say how horrible it was. If they don’t want to talk about it you can say, “I’m sorry. I hope your day gets better for you.”

8.    Talk about traveling

You can talk about traveling especially if it relates to their profile picture. You can say, “I noticed you went to Paris. How was it? Did you have fun?” Or you can ask, “Do you like to travel? What are some of your favorite places you have visited recently?” It will break the ice and get you talking about traveling.

Happy young man taking selfie while traveling.

9.    Throw in some humor

It’s okay to be funny and throw in some humor as a conversation starter. You can say, “You look familiar. Have we met before?” They may say in response. “No. I don’t think so.” You can follow up by saying. “Oh, now I remember. You’re the famous model I’m looking at in my magazine.” They may throw in a laughing emoji and say no.

10.    Ask them about books

You can start the conversation off by saying, “I’m in the middle of reading this great book, called The Things We Cannot Say, have you heard of it? If they say yes, you can talk about the details. If they say that they don’t care too much for books, move on to another conversation starter topic.

11.   Ask them about their living situation

This is a great topic to cover. You can ask them, “How long have you lived in the area?” Once they respond, you can follow up with your answer. You can also ask them where they’re from.

How Do You Start A Conversation With A Girl On Tinder?

1.   Ask her a question

To start off talking to a girl on Tinder, ask her a question. It can be about anything you want but make sure it’s appropriate. You don’t want to scare her off. You could ask her how she’s doing today. If she isn’t feeling well, you can say, “I’m sorry, I hope you feel better.”

2.   Compliment her

Another way to break the ice is you can compliment her. You can tell her that she has pretty eyes and a nice smile. That’s all you need to say. Since you’re talking for the first time on Tinder, you don’t have much to go on.

Surprised woman reading on her phone.

3.   Start with introductions

You can start by saying what your name is and ask her what her name is. Even though her name is on their profile, some people don’t use their actual name when online dating.

4.   Ask about their online dating experience

You can ask if this is her first time on a dating site. If she says yes, then you may have something in common if you haven’t been on an online dating site either. If she says no, you can ask how her experience has been.

5.   Mention something about her profile

When you start a conversation with a girl, you don’t have to ask her questions. You can mention something about her profile. For example, you can say, “I love all your pictures. You’re photogenic.” You can also ask a follow-up question, “Who’s your photographer?”

6.   Talk about your moving situation

You can let her know that you just moved to the area. If she says that she’s new to the area too, then you can ask “How do you like it so far?” Or she could say that she’s lived there for several years, and she had some recommendations that she thought you should try.

7.   Compliment her on her clothing

Let her know how much you love the outfit that she’s wearing in her profile picture. Ask her where she got it from? After her response, you can say, “Oh. Do you go there a lot? How is it?”

8.   Talk about food

You don’t have to ask her a question, you can let her know that you tried the most amazing food from one of the best restaurants the other day. She may ask what it was and the name. When you respond, let her know what it was.

Man taking photo of food with mobile phone.

She may say, “Oh. I’ve never tried that place. That sounds delicious.” You can follow up and ask her what her favorite food is. The two of you could end up talking about food for several minutes and you have broken the ice.

9.   Mention sports

Most women don’t like sports but some do so you’ll have to take your chances. Ask if she has a favorite sports team. If she says she doesn’t like sports, then move on to another conversation starter.

10.  Family is important

Mention to her that family is very important to you. Ask her if she has any brothers or sisters. If she says that she does, the two of you can have an entire conversation about the family. You can ask if she has any family nearby or if she’s close with her family. Don’t be offended if she doesn’t want to talk about her family. She’ll probably wait until you guys know each other a little bit more.

11.  Ask her about her favorite movie genre

There are so many genres of movies so you can get started with that topic if you would like. Many women like romantic comedies but give her the chance to respond before you assume that information. You can also mention your favorite genre to see if you have something in common.

A woman watching romantic movie on a mobile tablet.

Things Not to Do

1.   Do not give out personal information

Remember, you have joined the online dating scene. You don’t know the other person well enough to give out your phone number, address, and date of birth. It’s also best that you don’t give out your social security number.

You don’t know what someone will do with that information. They could run up a huge bill someplace. It’s best to be cautious and save the other information after you have been out on a few dates.

2.   Don’t tell your life story

You don’t want to give out too many things right off the bat. If you end up going on a date with this person, you should save things for that moment. Don’t start talking about the stories your parents told you from birth until now. That could scare someone off. Keep things short and simple and directly to the point.

3.   Don’t be aggressive

Don’t be aggressive with your words and sound too anxious. Don’t say things like. “We’re going on a date at 3:30 tomorrow? It’s best to message them a few times, and then ask if they would like to meet in person. The two of you need need to feel comfortable with the idea of going out before you meet in person for the first time.

4.   Don’t sound insulting

If you don’t like the answer to one of their questions, don’t message disgusting words. Don’t say, “I think that’s a horrible movie. Why would you like something like that?” Since it’s through a message, words can seem hurtful to a person even if it’s not what you were trying to do.

Woman looking at her phone stunned with bad message.

5.   Don’t bring up past relationships

Bringing up past relationships makes people feel uncomfortable. It will paint someone a picture of how you want them to act. Don’t bring it up unless they initiate the conversation.

6.   Don’t be inappropriate

If you use inappropriate words, it can cause the other person to block you and be creeped out. Even worse, it could cause you to be banned from Tinder. Inappropriate words can mean curse words or they could mean other things.

Don’t say things like, “Hey, baby.” Another thing you shouldn’t say is “Hey, sexy.” Don’t be inappropriate with conversations either. Don’t say, “I want to take you into my bed and have my way with you.” Something else you shouldn’t say is. “I’m picturing your naked right now.” People will get creeped out, and you won’t get a second message.

7.   Never say hi to start a conversation

No one wants to receive a message saying hi because there’s not much you can say back. All you can say in response is hi. That’s not a good conversation starter. It’s boring and not very conversational. It tells people that you’re uncomfortable with online dating and you don’t know what to say. As mentioned earlier, start a conversation by asking a question or mentioning something about yourself.

8.   Don’t wait

If you wait for them to send you a message first, your opportunity with your perfect match could be compromised. Someone else could get to the person that you’re interested in first. They could end up hitting it off and you could miss your chance.

When you see a match that sparks an interest, send them a message right away. Don’t be nervous. It’s not like you’re asking someone out. It’s a lot easier to talk to a person through a message for the first time than to talk to them in person for the first time. Go for it!

9.   Don’t wait too long to reply

You don’t want to seem too eager, but you also don’t want to take too long to respond. If you take a while, the other person may think you’re not interested and move on to their next match. Sometimes you have to wait.

For example, if you’re at work, you have to wait until you get off or are on a break before you can message them back. Another example would be if you’re going on an airplane, you will have to wait until you land before you can begin messaging.

Young man chatting on phone while leaning on the street’s wall.

10.    Don’t ignore their profile

Their profile is the key to starting a conversation. If you ignore it and put the same message for every girl or guy you talk to, you’re not going to understand anything they talk to you about. You want them to think you know a lot about them before they say two words to you.

11.    Don’t keep messaging them over and over and over

If you are constantly messaging them and asking where they’re at and why they won’t talk to you, that’s called harassment. If you message someone and they don’t get back to you within a reasonable time, then they’re either busy or they’re not interested. If it’s been several hours or over a day, you can politely message them asking if they’re okay but that’s it.

Concluding Thoughts

There are several conversation starters to get you through the first few hard conversations when you’re talking online. These conversation starters will give you an idea of things to say and you’ll also have ideas on what not to do and what you shouldn’t talk about.

Please comment below if you have any questions. Once you get through the first conversation, you’ll have an idea of how the process works and you could even meet the love of your life.

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