Bumble Travel Mode: What Is It & How It Works

Does Bumble allow you to alter your location? The answer was no for a while, but not anymore! A crucial tool known as Passport that Tinder has had for years was absent from Bumble.

In the end, Bumble caught up and released a brand-new function called Bumble Travel mode that lets users modify their location to a region they are not currently in physically.

What is Bumble Travel Mode?

Users can locate themselves in a different city for up to seven days using the travel mode. But you need help to set a precise location. You will be “dropped” by Bumble in the city’s heart.

Additionally, a travel-related signal for your profile will be visible to other Bumble members. All three of Bumble’s modes—dating, networking, and friend-making—offer the travel option. All other users will notice an icon indicating that you are in trip mode after enabling it.

How To Use Travel Mode on Bumble?

Before you can buy Bumble Travel, you need to have at least 5 Bumble coins. Once you acquire the funds, you can activate Bumble Travel and shift your destination by doing the following:

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Step 1: Open Settings by tapping the gear symbol.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the location options and select “Travel to…”

Step 3: Locate and choose the city.

Step 4: The timer for your journey period will immediately begin.

You can change your location on Bumble as much as you’d like when in Travel mode, but you can only select one location at once.

Users of Android devices will have 5 Bumble coins removed from their balance, and if there is not enough balance, a payment page will be displayed. Travel mode will be turned on automatically for iOS users with a premium subscription to Bumble. You can view the timer showing how much time is left for you under your location settings.

How Much Does Bumble Passport Cost?

You must pay 5 Bumble coins for one travel mode. 5 Bumblecoins are worth $7.99. A Tinder passport and a Bumble passport are not the same things. It is a feature of Bumble Boost and not the Bumble Premium subscription. You can save some money by purchasing Bumble coins in quantity.

For instance, buying 5 Bumble coins will cost you $7.99, but purchasing 20 at once will only cost you $24.99. Therefore, buying in bulk and setting aside any extra charge for later use is advisable.

5 Bumble coins, valued at $7.99, are available to Android users. For iOS users, however, using the Bumble coins requires a premium account.

Does Bumble Show When You Use Travel Mode?

Everyone can see you if you are utilizing Bumble’s travel mode. Your profile’s status will now read “Travel mode.” However, if you use AnyGo to fake the location, nobody can tell you that you’re doing it.

How Many Times Can You Change Travel Mode On Bumble?

Within a week, you can relocate to any city you choose. You can change the current city by clicking on the blue trip bar in the Settings menu and selecting a different destination. You won’t incur any further Bumble coin costs if you change cities within seven days.


You can start chatting and matching with other Bumble users before you arrive in that city with the help of Bumble travel mode.

Still, you cannot choose a specific location if you’re going to a new play soon and want to arrange dates before you get there or make some new friends to hang out with. It seems pretty pointless to move somewhere else for pleasure.

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