Never Chase A Man: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Chasing men can be a bit of a challenge for women. It’s not that we don’t want to go after the guys we have an interest in. It’s just that the process can be scary. After all, what if he rejects you? What are your chances of getting him? And how can you make sure you’re doing it right?

With this article, we’re going to explore the reasons behind chasing men and why it can be so hard to resist them. We’re also going to provide you with tips on how to stop falling for them too quickly and outline the correct way to go about chasing a guy.

Finally, at the end of the post, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to be successful with chasing men. So what are you waiting for? Start reading!

What Is The Main Reason Why We Chase Men?

There’s no question that men are attracted to women. They’re attracted to our looks, our bodies, our personalities, and everything about us. Yes, women are attracted to men as well, but there’s a difference between being interested in them and being into them.

Guy flirting with young woman.

When a guy is interested in you, he thinks of you as a friend. He might flirt with you but the goal isn’t to get him into bed or to make him fall in love with you. When a guy is into you, he’s attracted to you but he’s also interested in getting something out of you. He might want your friendship, but he also wants something else from you.

Chasing men is all about finding out if the guy likes you back and how far he’ll go to get you. When you chase a guy, you’re showing interest in him, you’re flirting with him and you’re trying to get him to talk to you and get to know you better. When you do this the right way, you’ll know if he’s attracted to you and interested in getting something out of you.

Why Do We Fall For Guys So Fast?

One of the reasons why we fall for guys so fast is that we see them as potential partners. We believe that if we go after the guy we like, we’ll be lucky enough to get him. However, the reality is that most guys are not looking for a relationship. They’re still in the mindset of just wanting to be friends.

This can make it really hard for us. We see this person as a potential partner, so we try really hard to make it happen. However, they don’t want to make it happen, they just want to be friends. It’s very hard to accept this and accept that we’re not going to get our guy.

How To Stop Falling So Fast

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably struggled with keeping your guard up and resisting the advances of men. Even though it can be pretty difficult to maintain self-respect when you keep getting into these situations with guys. As a woman, it’s easy to get taken advantage of by men who know how to play on your emotions.

When you’re around a guy for too long, it’s so easy for that line between friendship and something more to get blurry. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid plan going into every situation so that you don’t lose your head and end up in compromising situations.

Keep reading to learn 6 simple ways to stop falling for men so fast.

1.     Don’t Be Too Vulnerable

Having a good relationship with a guy comes from being unafraid of being vulnerable. Men are attracted to confident women. Men are also turned off by clingy, needy women. So, it’s important to find that balance between showing vulnerability without being clingy.

A confident woman with hands on hips.

It’s important to remember that being vulnerable doesn’t mean you have to be weak. Rather, it means that you are trusting someone enough to let them see your real self.

2.     Be Assertive When You Have To

When you’re with a guy for a long period of time, it’s easy to feel like he is entitled to you. If he admires your skills or even just your looks, he might feel an urge to try to get closer to you. Assertive behavior is something that is important to have in almost every area of your life. It’s especially important when you are in a relationship or when you are dating a guy.

Assertive behavior is when you push yourself up and stand tall. It’s when you walk right up to a guy and say “no” when you want to say “yes” or when you want to say “just chill out.” Assertive behavior is when you show a man that you are there for yourself and not just because he makes you feel good.

3.     Don’t Be Afraid of Scary Guys

If a guy is too scary for you, then it’s time to reevaluate the situation. Be careful around guys who try to make you feel small or out of place. Guys who are impulsive and act like they don’t care about anyone else are usually the guys who have a lot of anger inside them.

Guys like these are usually dangerous and can be violent towards women. It’s important to remember that every guy is not like this. The majority of guys are kind and caring. There are some, however, who hide their anger behind a facade of being “cool.” There are some who are dangerous and need to be watched out for.

4.     Don’t Mess Around Before the First Date

Before you even think about going on a date with a guy, make sure that you are ready to date. If you aren’t ready to date him, then don’t go on a date with him.

If you’re not ready for a real relationship, then don’t mess around. It’s better, to be honest, and say “I don’t want to date right now, but we can be friends.” It’s important to respect yourself and your needs. It is OK to wait until you are ready for a relationship. If you aren’t ready, then don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Young woman saying no through hand gesture.

5.     Set Strong boundaries and stick to them

It’s important to set boundaries with guys from the beginning. Boundaries tell a guy where you draw the line and let him know what is off-limits. For example, if a guy asks you out on a date, then you don’t feel comfortable with it, then tell him so. Say something like “We should probably wait until we get to know each other a little better before we go on a date.”

Boundaries make you feel more confident in yourself and in your decisions. They will keep you from making decisions that might be bad or dangerous. Boundaries also show a guy that you respect yourself and that you don’t want to be treated badly. These two things are very important in a relationship.

6.     Be Yourself Around Him

The most important thing to remember when you are around a guy is to be yourself. If a guy doesn’t like that you are yourself, then he isn’t the guy for you. A guy who doesn’t accept your flaws is not a good guy. There is no guy who will make you happy if you show him that you don’t feel comfortable with yourself.

So, make sure to show him who you are and what makes you happy. It’s important to remember that a man is attracted to a woman’s natural qualities, not what a woman thinks a man wants to see. Make sure to show him how amazing and beautiful he really is. When you are around a guy, don’t try to impress him with how much you know or act like you are better than him.

6 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Chasing Men

There are a few reasons why you might want to stop chasing men. Maybe you’re tired of always being the one who has to make the first move, or maybe you’re just sick of getting your heart broken. Whatever the reason, here are six reasons why you need to stop chasing men:

1.     You’re chasing after the wrong type of guy

Before you start dating and “going after” every guy you see, first make sure you have the right target. Think long and hard about who you’re really after. Is it the type of guy who will treat you with respect and make you fall in love with him? Or is it the type of guy who will treat you like a piece of property and dump you when he’s done with you?

Pretty young girl deciding which boyfriend to choose.

Make sure you choose the right guy to fall for. If you keep chasing after the wrong type of guys, you’ll only end up heartbroken and alone for the rest of your life. So take the time to figure out who you want to date. Make a list of the qualities you want in a guy. Then, when you go out into the world looking for a partner, make sure you put those qualities at the top of your list.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, eventually you’re going to meet the right guy. You don’t have to chase after him anymore.

2.     You’re chasing men who are unavailable

When you chase after a guy but he keeps on running away from you, you can t help but wonder if there’s something wrong with you. We all have insecurities, but the people you’re chasing after should be your confidence boosters. The people you chase should be the ones who make you feel better about yourself.

If however, a guy you’re chasing keeps on running away from you, it means that he’s not interested in you. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some guys just aren’t interested in dating anyone. That’s okay. You don’t have to chase after them.

3.     You’re chasing men who don’t want to be caught

Guys are not always going to want to be caught. Many of them are just looking for an easy lay. Chasing after guys who don’t want to be caught is just asking for heartbreak. In order to ensure that you don’t end up getting hurt, you should stop chasing after guys who don’t want to be caught.

If a guy doesn’t want to be caught, it means that he’s still a bit unsure about the whole dating thing. He might just be taking it slow and getting used to the idea of dating again. That’s okay! There will be many more opportunities down the line.

4.     You’re putting your own happiness on the back burner

If you keep chasing after men, it means you’re putting your own happiness on the back burner. That’s something no man is ever going to appreciate. If you keep putting your happiness on the back burner, you’re going to end up feeling resentful and unappreciated.

And that’s never going to result in a healthy relationship. You need to make sure you’re putting yourself first. When you do that, you’re going to have a much better chance of finding love and happiness.

5.     You’re wasting your time and energy

Chasing after men are going to waste both your time and energy. You’re going to waste your time chasing after men who don’t want you. You’re going to waste your energy chasing after guys who don’t appreciate you. You need to make sure that you don’t waste any more of your time or energy on men who are going to treat you like crap.

Beautiful young woman outdoors on a sunny day.

Instead, put that energy and time towards yourself. Make yourself happy. Make yourself feel appreciated. Make yourself fall in love with yourself.

6.     You’re missing out on other opportunities

If you keep chasing after the wrong type of guys, you’re going to miss out on other opportunities. Many times, when you’re in a long-term relationship, you stop dating other guys because you’re afraid of getting hurt again. But when you keep chasing after the wrong type of guys, you’re going to miss out on other chances to meet new people.

Expert Tip: If you keep on chasing after the wrong type of guys, you’re going to be single for the rest of your life. You need to make sure that you make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

What Is The Correct Way To Chase A Guy?

There is no one correct way to chase a guy. Some people may prefer more aggressive methods while others may prefer to take a more subtle approach. Ultimately, it depends on what you are comfortable with and what you think will work best in the situation.

Here are a few general tips to keep in mind when chasing a guy:

1.     Be yourself

When you chase a guy, you have to be yourself. You have to be the real you. You have to be the person that you are in public, the person that he sees when he’s hanging out with you, and the person that you want him to be around in private.

You have to be able to let go of your insecurities and be able to accept the fact that he’s not into you. You have to be able to accept that he doesn’t want to be with you and doesn’t want to date you. You have to be able to accept that he just wants to be friends.

2.     Don’t be pushy

When you chase a guy, you want him to like you. However, you don’t want him to like you too quickly. You don’t want him to be pressured into liking you. You don’t want to be pushy, but you also don’t want to be too shy and shy around him. You want him to like you on his terms and with his pace.

3.     Don’t overthink

If you do, you’ll drive yourself crazy. You’ll think about what he thinks about you and what he wants to talk to you about. You’ll think about whether or not he likes you and whether or not he wants to date you. You’ll think about whether or not he’s going to ask you out on a date. You have to be able to let go of your thoughts and just be in the moment when it comes to talking with him.

4.     Don’t be too available

When a guy wants to talk with a girl, he wants her to be available for him whenever he wants her. He doesn’t want her always being busy and being unable to talk with him when it suits his schedule. He doesn’t want her always being busy because she has other things going on in her life that are more important than him and his time is valuable too.

5.     Be Confident

Confidence is key when it comes to talking with a guy. If you’re confident, you’ll be able to talk with him and he won’t be intimidated by you. He’ll feel comfortable around you and he won’t feel like he has to put on a show for you. Confidence is attractive and it will make him want to talk with you more.

How To Be Successful With Chasing Men

Before you start chasing a guy you have to be able to figure out if he’s someone you like. If you like him, then it’s easy to chase him. However, if you don’t know if he’s someone you like, then it’s going to be hard to start chasing him.

1.     Figure out what kind of guy you want to chase

What kind of guy do you want to chase? Are you interested in a guy that’s into one-night stands or are you interested in a guy who is looking for a relationship? Are you interested in a guy who is looking for a quick hookup or are you interested in a guy who is looking for a long-term relationship? Once you figure out what kind of guy you want to go after, it will be easy to decide how to go about chasing him.

2.     Keep track of the guys you like and make a note of when you see them

Use a notebook or your phone. Make sure that you write down the name of the guy you’re interested in and where you saw him. This will help you keep track of the guys you want to go after.

3.     Set a goal

Once you figure out what kind of guy you want to go after, it’s time to set a goal for yourself. What do you want to happen? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to attain? Once you have a goal in mind, it will be easier for you to chase the guy that you like.

4.     Go after the guy that you like

Once you decide who you want to go after, it’s time to start going after him. Let him know that he’s on your radar and start flirting with him. Let him know that.

5.     Practice makes perfect

The more you go out and talk to guys, the better you will get at it. The more you practice, the easier it will become for you to start a conversation with a guy that you like.

What Is The Correct Way To Chase A Guy?

People are now asking, what is the correct way to chase a guy? The dating game has changed quite a bit over time. The experience will inform people about what they can do next time. The singles are ready for something new and they want to seek out info. They might join a forum and express their thoughts in a short time span. The guy is ready to make things happen for a reason. See what expert advice can be offered to any.

The new reviews on the ideas might be a helpful asset. What is the correct way to chase a guy? The experts can weigh in on what is happening in real-time. That process is unfolding and people want to contribute. The advice can be heeded and then gains can be made. The advice is expanding and the people want to voice their own opinion.

When Should You Not Chase A Man?

When should you not chase a man and why does it matter. Many people are befuddled by the dating game these days. That is a well-thought-out effort by most people of today. The dating game might seem confusing to a lot of people. The people can date around and then select a mate who counts. That is a time-honored approach for most people too. The new approach is changing how people look at the hobby too.

Pretty young couple having a date in a cafe.

Sometimes it is OK to leave a date behind. That can save the day and make the relationship work for a while. That is a classic idea and has worked for the people. People want a sure-fire way to approach the dating game. The dating world has changed a bit in real-time as well. Seek out new info and find a way to make things happen.


Overall, chasing a guy can be tricky if you don’t know what you want. However, with the help of this guide, it will be easier for you to go after the guy that you like.

We encourage you to comment below and share your thoughts on this article. We’d love to hear from you! We’re more than happy to listen to your opinion on this and you can always comment and ask us questions. We hope that you enjoyed this piece of awesomeness and that it helped you out!

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