How Much Does A Perm Cost? Here’s The Truth

It is no different from women’s hair if you wonder how much a perm cost for guys. The process of perming hair for women is the same as for men’s hair.

The stylist will have to coil your hair around the perm. The applied perm solution will break down the protein bonds in your hair to shape them into curls. The neutralizer will only stop this process after fifteen to thirty minutes.

The factors that differentiate its cost do not revolve around gender. The pricing depends on the hair length, perming solutions used, perming type, equipment used, your location, and the stylist’s experience.

How Much Does a Perm Cost?

Here is the idea for pricing the perm: using more solutions means higher costs. Using more advanced equipment means higher costs.

So if you have longer hair, you’ll have to pay more. If your stylist has to cut your hair before perming, you’ll have to pay more because that is added labor and time.

  • If you have short hair, the cost goes around $30 to $100.
  • If you have medium-length hair, you may have to pay $60 to $200.
  • If you have long hair, the price can go from $ 80 to $200.
Barber drying male hair in a hairdressing salon.

Likewise, if you perm your hair in a salon in expensive places like New York or San Francisco, you will pay more than salons at Kansa or Oklahoma. If you come to salons with more experienced stylists, you will likely pay more than someone who just learned perming.

And it doesn’t stop there. The perming costs can go as high as $400, depending on the type of perm.

Perm Cost by Type

Body wave perm

This perm style is advisable for men with pin-straight hair. It will add more volume that is bouncy and soft to the touch. Your stylist will use an acid or hot perm solution for this, and the price goes from $40 to 200.

Spiral perm

Spiral perm produces bouncy and tight spiral curls. Their length depends on the size of the perm rods used. It will make long spiral curls if the stylist uses long perm rods or tight spiral ones for short perm rods. This perm type uses a cold perm solution and would like to cost around $80 to $200.

Stack or multi-textured perm

Young man with blonde curly hair.

The muti-textured perm gives off different lengthened curls. It uses both short and long perm rods. And the price can start at $40 and go as high as $150.

Volumizing perm

A volumizing perm makes no strong curls as the stylist removes the perm rods before applying the neutralizer. The process results in more volume, bit-wavy, and soft curls. With any perm solution allowed, the cost ranges from $50 to $150.

Root perm

The root perm is the cheapest type, as it can cost only up to $80. It only uses perm rods near the scalp and injects the solution about two to four inches from the scalp.

Spot or partial perm

Spot or partial perm is also cheaper because only a few selected parts use perm rods and get the applied solution. It goes up to $95 only.

Straight perm

A handsome man sporting a straight perm hairstyle.

Also called a reverse perm, this style goes for men with wavy or curly hair who wants to straighten them. It uses a hot perm solution to let it sit for thirty minutes and then flattened with a hot iron. It costs one to a couple of hundred dollars.

Digital perm

The newest technology to perming uses digital perm rods. Digital perm rods have heat-controlling functions and are more expensive than the usual perm rods. Expect the costs to go up to $300.

How Long Does a Perm Last For Guys?

Permed hair for men lasts four to six months. The secret to making it last longer depends on your hair care. Here’s a thing to remember: do not wash your hair within 48 hours as it can undo the works of your stylist. Similarly, avoid combing your hair within this period or at least 24 hours. Or, avoid touching them pretty much during this period.

After this period, you can wash your hair and keep it moisturized. Most men would not care for their hair after the process. The perming process would make your hair dry.

Avoid applying heat equipment like a hair dryer. Likewise, avoid washing your hair with shampoo or use conditioner instead. Also, deep conditioning at least once a month will moisturize your hair.


The cost of perming your hair do not base on the client’s gender. It goes from several factors such as perming solution, style, hair length, or equipment used.

Remember: the more solution or equipment used, the more it costs. So if you don’t want to waste the amount you paid for perming, observe proper maintenance of your treated hair.

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