Short Beard With Long Goatee: Here’s How To Rock It

Gentlemen, are you running out of masculinity? Do you want to draw people’s attention and bring out more masculine energy within you? Then awaken those sleeping energy by growing your intensely masculine long beard styles.

These kinds of styles will never go out of fad and are here to stay. It is a unique way for men to express themselves through various styles, either classical way, contemporary, or elegantly looking appearance. One of these hairstyles that have become phenomenal due to its balance approach is having a long goatee short beard.

What Is A Long Goatee With A Short Beard?

Also known as the “long goatee with short sides”, this style is distinct from the “long goatee” because of the hair on the cheeks. While the “long goatee” style has hair on the chin, this style has hair both on the chin and cheeks.

However, the hair on the cheek is trimmed very short relative to the chin beard. This simple addition is the reason why it cannot be similar to a standalone “long goatee”.

Man with a long goatee and short sides.

How long should the goatee be? The word “long” is subjective depending on the person’s preference. One man’s long may be short yet for another man and vice versa, therefore there is no specific limited length to this style. How you want it to grow will depend largely on what you think is long enough for you. If you have decided on the kind of “long” you have, go for it.

However, one must maintain a recognizable difference in the length between the chin beard and the cheek hair. For this style to work, there must be a noticeable transition between the goatee and cheek hair but they should not be disconnected.

A mustache, on the other hand, may or may not be incorporated into this style. But if you decide to have one, it is recommended to keep it thick. Having a mustache is something you can experiment with according to what style fits you.

Examples Of A Long Goatee With A Short Beard

Different styles of this kind may vary in the length and styling of hair on the chin. Below are the popular ones that many gentlemen prefer to have:

1.     Long Pointed Goatee with a Short Beard

From the word itself, it suggests trimming your hair on the chin in a pointed way. But this takes many forms, it can be long or short and narrow or wide. It also varies in texture, thickness, and tidiness.

The point of the goatee or its tip refers to the point at which the hair on the cheek meets the bottom. This may be difficult to tame therefore it needs the correct way of trimming. It is as simple as sculpting hair V-shaped beard but ensuring that the sides meet naturally as it fades nicely into the goatee.

2.     Long Rounded Goatee with a Short Beard

Contrary to the first example, this long goatee takes the rounded and less pointy goatee. Although there is no specific length for this, the goatee might be shorter as it does not take the V-shaped beard at the bottom like the pointed goatee mentioned above.

This can be experimented with quite easily just by using your beard scissors. However, it must still have a noticeable transition from side hair to the goatee. Using beard scissors may not be that easy too so practice is a must to attain expertise in trimming.

Stylish young man with a long goatee and mustache.

3.     Long Goatee with Partially Curled Mustache

As was discussed, having a long goatee with a short beard might be incorporated with a mustache or without. But this style incorporates a mustache that is partially curled in the handlebar. Mustache is also recommended to be thick but without specific limitations as to how thick it should be.

The length of the beard on the side must be kept 1 -2 inches thick depending on the face shape.

Benefits Of This Style

This style is trendy and intensely masculine that is surely a head turner. A lot of gentlemen prefer having this style because it gives a classic yet adds a modern twist to the look. This is especially good for men who want to appear ruggedly yet maintain a bit of personality.

But this style is not good for all shapes of faces. So before planning to grow this kind of style on your facial hair, make sure if it fits your face shape. What makes this style stand out among the other goatee styles? Read on for a breakdown of the pros or benefits listed below:

1.     It makes the chin looks stronger

This fits those men who have a weak chin or shorter face shape. The beard will make the chin look stronger by accentuating it since it elongates the chin thus making it a more prominent feature of the face.

However, be careful about adding more length to the chin hair as it may overemphasize the chin, it is better to fill out the hair on the cheeks a little while achieving a more oval shape. Still, there is no hard and fast rule for this so you can experiment depending on your personal preference.

2.     Brings out masculinity and confidence

Growing beards adds more masculinity to men. But it is not all about growing too much length of beard. It also boils down to how properly groomed your beard is to avoid looking untidy. You must diligently care for and groom those beards and not just grow them spontaneously.

Barber brushing a man’s goatee.

Additionally, it also adds a sense of ruggedness while maintaining a modern and fashionable sense. This certain balance makes it a phenomenal style that can draw people’s attention and brings out confidence in you.

3.     An ultimate solution for those who have patchy cheeks

It is frustrating though for some men to grow thick chin beards and goatees but has a hard time growing the cheek hair. Having thin and sparse lifeless cheek hair can be a bit of a problem. But with this style, the absence of cheek hair is not a problem at all. It is generally acceptable having cheek hair trimmed very short relative to the chin hair and mustache.

This style allows the long goatee hair to be center-stage drawing attention from the cheek hair as It easily camouflaged the area with patchiness.

4.     Makes you stand out by having a unique style

This style is not something you will see every day and from all men. Thus this style is simply unique making you stand out from the crowd, why not try growing your beard and facial hair to see it for yourself and experience the attention you have been wanting?

Disadvantages Of This Style

Although this style has garnered a lot of positive feedback, still it is not a style that fits everyone. Therefore, even though many have preferred to have this style and even come back after trying, there are still some disadvantages. Listed below are a few of the cons of this style:

1.     It is a high-maintenance style

It takes so much time to trim and maintain it regularly. The visible transition between cheek hair and goatee is a hard thing to achieve, thus it needs to be regularly trimmed short which also needs time.

Having a pointy goatee also requires time to trim and groom. It even takes practical ability and a few practice sessions to achieve certain expertise using a pair of beard scissors. Combing, brushing, and oiling are also essential ways to groom and nurture the beard, especially the longer ones.

2.     Limited versatility

When we say versatility, it means it can fit any occasion, either formal or casual. As compared to shorter goatee styles which are termed as universal style, long goatees with a short beard may not be appropriate in some situations. Although, this style is highly attention-grabbing versatility is limited as it can only be apt to have to some selected occasions.

3.     It is not for all types of face shape

Having this type of beard style considers the face shape. Since this is good for men who have a weak chin, this will be exaggerated to have for those long chins and faces. If it is forced even if it does not fit the face shape, it might look unappealing and will ruin the intended look you prefer. Thus it may prevent you from choosing the variant you want.

How Do You Trim A Short Beard Long Goatee



  • The first thing you want to do is comb through the beard, and goatee area and make sure that there are no tangles or knots and it’s all straightened out as good as you can get it.
  • Next, you will want to decide on the desired length of your short beard goatee. After you have decided on a length it’s time for action. Using the scissors cut the bottom of your goatee to the length in which you have chosen using the tips of the scissors to point trim along the underside. Use the ends of the scissors to do the same running along each side until you have the desired shape.
  • Using trimmers open or with a guard, whichever way you feel comfortable, skim downward along the top of your short beard goatee to snag any unwanted hairs.
  • Last but not least finish up with your favorite beard oil or conditioner.

How Do You Trim The Sides Of A Long Goatee

How do you trim the sides of a long goatee? The barber can show a lot of techniques that will help in good time. The goatee is going to change things and make it a high probability.

Think about growing out the hair and then trimming it down. A barber could show proper techniques to be used later down the line. The goatee is hardly difficult to trim, so learn more about the right uses. Buy a razor to trim it down in good time too.

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How Far Should A Goatee Go Under The Chin?

Think about what will happen and what could be done next. That is a great idea and many have been waiting to see things ahead. How far should a goatee go under the chin? The answer could lie with the person who wants more information as well. The project is ready to move forward without much delay as well. The goatee is ready for all of the right reasons for many.

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Bearded man holding his jawline outdoors.


This beard style is definitely a head turner making you stand out from the crowd and distinctly unique from the rest. Sad to note though, this is a style that is not fitting for all men and requires time and effort to maintain.

So before choosing to have this style, kindly take time to consider the pros and cons. After contemplation you still decide to risk all cons and try on this, then you will surely be drawing the attention of the crowd.

Just be patient, determined, and committed to achieving a great beard because this is not achievable overnight. A great beard style needs investment and you will surely reap incremental gains over time.

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