How To Ask For Nudes: Here Are 11 Tips

Nudes have become very common in the present day or modern romance. Many partners use nudes to spice up their romantic relationships. However, it’s always a challenging task to get your girl or partner to send her nudes.

Are you wondering how you can get a girl to send her nudes without offending her? It’ll be good to master tips for getting the girl to send her nudes without offending or sounding disrespectful.

Start by getting close to each other, building trust, and adopting the appropriate strategies to get your girl to send her nudes.

Keep reading on to get a comprehensive guide on how to get a girl to send nudes.

What You Need to Know Before Asking a Girl to Send Nudes

Unlike other photos or text, there are numerous things you have to consider before asking a girl to send her nudes. Considering these things makes it easy for the girl to send her naked photos without feeling offended or disrespected. Here are things you need to know before asking a girl to send nudes.

1.     Ladies don’t send nudes to appease you

Before requesting nudes from a girl, remember that she isn’t sending photos to appease you. Why will the girl send her naked photos? The lady will send the nudes, as it helps to turn her on as they think you see them being hot.

You can think of numerous websites where ladies share nude videos and photos for free. Thus, it’s good to understand that the girl will send you her nudes for her benefit, not to benefit you.

2.     A lady will send her nudes after getting into the mood

Before asking your girl to send you nudes, it’s essential to get into the mood. Getting the lady into the mood will help you win her trust and make it easy to send the nudes. How do you get her into the mood? Experts reveal that sexting remains a fantastic way to enhance mood before requesting her nudes.

Young smiling female lying in her bedroom with her phone.

While sexting the girl, you can explain exactly what you’d like to do in the relationship. Nevertheless, remember to start and escalate the story slowly, taking time to build the story.

3.     Staying non-judgemental is a masterpiece

Revealing a girl’s naked photo to society is usually one of the most humiliating things. With the possibility of this scenario, most ladies will try to avoid slut shaming, even if they’re incredible sex fiends.

When asking her to send you her nudes, how can you avoid this scenario? Remaining non-judgemental is a masterstroke to avoid slut shaming and the lady fearing that her photos might leak.

4.     Ease into sexual topics

Ensure that you ease the sexual topics to win over the girl’s attention and trust. You don’t have to start a conversation by heading straight into the sexual aspect. It’s an important aspect you need to know before requesting the girl to send her nudes.

You can consider using third parties to bring up the topic of nudes. While trying to talk to her about the sexual stories, avoid falling into the trap of talking down anyone’s sexual preferences.

5.     The girl doesn’t owe you any nudes

Before requesting the nudes, it’s vital to understand that the lady doesn’t owe you anything, including her naked photos. Sending naked photos is more of a mindset than any other thing.

Since the girl doesn’t owe you her nudes, you shouldn’t shut her out or get frustrated if you don’t get the photos. Besides requiring courage and confidence to send these photos, some women may take time to accept the proposal to send them.

6.     It’s hard to get nudes from a lady you haven’t been out with

While ladies can easily send you nudes after getting comfortable with you, it becomes hard if you haven’t been out with her. Thus, it’s more appropriate to ask the lady out on a date before requesting her naked photos.

Charming young couple dating.

The better you get used to each other, the easier it becomes to get her nudes. Going on a date at least once helps to increase the chances of the lady sending you her nudes.

7.     Understand the laws and age requirements

Before requesting nudes from a girl, it’ll be vital to consider the age of your partner. Different states have varying laws and regulations regarding sexual photos and nudes. For instance, in most states, it’s illegal to take or have nude photos of a person under 18.

Thus, ensure the girl you’re requesting the photos from is above the state’s legal age to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.

How to Get a Girl to Send Nudes

While talking to a new girl and requesting her nudes, it’s good to understand that you must apply appropriate tips and be patient. You can easily get the lady sending you her nudes by applying these tips. Here are tips on how to get a girl to send nudes.

1.    Build trust with the girl

Sending nudes comes with a lot of risks and breaching privacy. For instance, leaking nudes may lead to complete humiliation and possible professional repercussions. With these possible adverse effects of leaked nudes, it’s good to build trust with the lady to get her to send the nudes.

Ensure the lady is comfortable with you and trusts you. With trust, the lady will trust you with the privacy and confidentiality of her naked photos.

How can you build trust? Invest time knowing, loving, and understanding each other. While the process may take a long time, you can fasten by discussing deep emotional topics and sharing personal stories.

You can also make the girl feel special by telling her how you love her and like her appearance. After building trust and getting comfortable with each other, the girl can easily send the nudes.

2.     Avoid asking for the nudes directly

Avoid asking for naked photos directly despite how comfortable you get with your girl. Why is it inappropriate to ask for the nudes indirectly? Asking for the nudes directly sounds more like begging than requesting the photos.

Instead of focusing on the nudes, create a conducive environment that makes the lady want to send the photos to you. You can consider getting cozy or sex-chatting with her to create a conducive environment for her to share the photos.

3.    Start with getting comfortable with each other

Comfort is a crucial aspect when you want a lady to share her naked photos with you. Studies show that no girl is likely to send you her nudes when she isn’t comfortable in the relationship.

Ensure that you create a relationship that allows her to be comfortable with you and can share anything. The girl can only share the photos if she feels secure and comfortable with you, as they understand how disruptive leaked nudes can be.

Why is building comfort the best approach? Building comfort with your girl is the best way to show that you’re a good or reasonable guy. Ensure that you’re confident and strong, and treat her with respect.

With this treatment, the girl becomes more comfortable with you, making it easy to share her naked photos. However, you must adopt the appropriate strategies to enhance and fasten how the girl becomes comfortable with you.

4.     Wait for the right time to shift your conversation

When looking to get nudes from a girl, it’s always good to start with a casual conversation before shifting the conversation. While shifting the conversation it’s good to choose an appropriate time to shift the conversation. Remember, the time you choose to switch the conversation is key to enhancing your success rate.

Are you wondering about the best time to switch the conversation? The best time to switch to a romantic conversation is as you wind up and get ready for bed. You slowly and continuously work your way up the X-rated pictures during this time. You’re on the right track if she cooperates or participates in racy texts. Ensure you maintain a classy talk as you switch the conversation.

5.     Start dirty talks to turn her on

Experts reveal that you must turn the girl on to make it easy for her to accept your proposal. You can start dirty talking to turn her on or get her in the mood. How can dirty talks help to turn the girl on?

Dirty talks or playful sexting puts sex thoughts in her mind to stimulate her or get her in moods. You can achieve this by having witty replies or funny innuendos to her texts. These replies make her interested in the conversation, which later turns her on.

Excited young man texting on his smartphone while staying up late at night.

While some individuals prefer being straight to the point, it’s good to keep the dirty talks playful. In addition, ensure that you focus on her or your relationship, not the photos you’re hoping to get later.

With the girl in the mood, she can easily send her naked photos upon request. Does this strategy apply to all girls? The strategy will only be useful after you get comfortable with the girl.

6.     Consider the appropriate time to ask for the photos

No lady will have her nudes readily available on their devices. Most of them will have to take photos before sending them to you. Thus, it’ll be appropriate to choose the appropriate time to ask for these photos.

Besides being the best time to take the photos, it may be one that they’re comfortable with for the talk. Ensure that it’s a time when she isn’t busy and probably alone.

What is the appropriate time to ask for these photos? Consider a time when she can take or can comfortably share the photos. While you might not know everything about her life, here are some of the appropriate times to ask for these photos:

  • When she says that she is ready for bed or wants to bath.
  • Late in the night, if she is still awake.
  • On weekends when she is relaxing.
  • Ask her when she’s free.

7.     Stay classy while asking for the photos

Whether you’re requesting a simple photo or something revealing, it’ll be good to stay polite and classy. Remember, most ladies will respond to respectful and sincere requests. Your girl might not respond to direct messages like ‘send me nudes’, as it sounds disrespectful.

It’s usually worse if you send such a message to a lady you haven’t known for a long time. Ensure that you’re courteous and show the girl your interests without being pushy and disrespectful. With a polite and classy conversation, the girl will get into the mood, which makes it easy to share the photos.

8.     Sext the girl often

It’s usually hard for a lady with whom you’ve not had intimacy or gotten used to each other to send you her nudes. You must get used to each other to build the trust and comfort of sending the photos. How can you build trust and comfort? Sexting the girl more often is the best way to get the girl comfortable with you and make it easy to share the photos.

While sexting is a masterstroke in requesting and receiving nudes from a girl, you must approach it with care. Start a gradual sexting approach to grow the trust the girl has in you. In most cases, the girl might get on and send you nude photos even without requesting them. Sexting builds her affection and trust in you with time, making it easy to get her naked photos.

9.     Complement her regularly

Studies show that most ladies love compliments. While looking to get a girl to send her nudes, ensure that you shower her with regular compliments. Compliments make the lady feel special and appreciated, making it easy to get anything you want from her. It’ll be good to keep reminding her of how attractive she looks.

Smiling lady while reading her smartphone.

In addition, tell her about her sexually appealing nature. You can show your desire through texts and video calls. While making the calls or texting, remind her that you’d wish to be by her side and why you admire her body.

You can easily use this strategy to enhance or build her confidence, which makes it easy to get her nudes even without requesting.

10.     Don’t send photos of your dick

You should remain classy when looking to get a girl to send you her nude. What does it mean to be classy? While being classy encompasses numerous things, from building trust to sexting, you should never send the girl photos of your dick.

Sending the girl photos of your dick doesn’t mean that she’ll automatically send her nudes in return. Most ladies find it disgusting when you send them your nudes without before they request.

Very few women enjoy receiving or having a man’s dick in their devices. You can’t take an attractive picture of your dick, as women don’t like masturbating to the photos. The best alternative to play low-key with your dick photos.

Keep your dick in the boxers for now, as it might make the lady feel secure or lose trust in you. Nevertheless, you can only send photos of your dick after the girl requests it.

11.     Show appreciation

Some men feel that it’s a right or entitlement for a lady to send them nudes. It’s a place where most individuals go wrong. You should never feel like you’re entitled to get nudes from your lady. It’s the choice of the lady to decide whether to send you her nudes or not. If she chooses to send you the nudes, it’s good to squash your ego and appreciate the girl.

When a girl chooses to send you her nudes, it’s usually a big deal. She has risked her privacy to send you her naked body. You shouldn’t expect any other nude photos from her if you act cold after receiving the first pieces of naked photos.

Ensure you show appreciation if she sends nudes that work well with you. Alternatively, don’t get mad at her for not sending you her nudes because it’s a personal choice.

Can You Sext Without Sending Pictures?

Sexting is a popular form of sexual communication in the modern world. With the widespread use of smartphones and social media, it has become easier to send explicit messages, photos, and videos to one another.

However, not everyone is comfortable sending pictures for reasons ranging from privacy concerns to personal preference. So the question arises: can you sext without sending pictures? The answer is yes, you can! There are many ways to sext without relying on photos. Here are some ways to sext without sending pictures.

Female texting while lying on the bed.


One of the most straightforward ways to sext without sending pictures is to rely on words. Sexting can involve writing out fantasies, dirty talk, or explicit descriptions of what you want to do to your partner.

Be creative and use descriptive language to bring your dreams to life. Remember that the written word can be incredibly powerful and stimulate imagination, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement.


Another way to sext without sending pictures is to use audio. You can record a sexy message for your partner, describing what you want to do to them or recounting a recent sexual experience.

Your partner can then listen to the message and respond in kind. This approach can be particularly effective if you’re in a long-distance relationship or unable to meet in person.


Video calls are also a great way to sext without sending pictures. You can use platforms like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime to have a virtual sex session with your partner. You can see and hear each other in real-time, making it feel like you’re in the same room.

This can be a great way to explore different sexual activities, experiment with new fantasies, and build intimacy with your partner.

Emojis and Gifs

Finally, you can use emojis and gifs to sext without sending pictures. While less explicit than written or spoken messages, they can be a fun and playful way to communicate your desires. Emojis can be used to represent different body parts, sexual acts, or even moods. Gifs can be used to show sexual positions or reactions to certain messages.

While pictures are a common element of sexting, they’re not necessary to have a steamy, satisfying sexual conversation. Whether you prefer words, audio, video, or emojis, there are many ways to sext without sending pictures.

The key is finding what works for you and your partner and always communicating openly and honestly about your desires and boundaries.


While receiving nudes from your girl is the best way to spice up a romantic relationship, asking a girl to send you the photos is pretty tricky. Nevertheless, you can easily get the photos with proper connection, trust, and mutual respect.

You must understand the state’s age regulation, and the preferences of your lady, that it’s not an entitlement to receive the nudes before starting the procedure. After understanding these aspects, build trust, look for the appropriate time, sext the girl regularly, and shower her with compliments to get her to send you her naked photos. Remember that it’s a personal choice for her to share nudes.

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