50 Tinder Questions To Ask Your Match On Tinder

If you are seeking to know the right Tinder questions to ask your match on the dating app, then you have come to the right place. Asking the right questions allows you to get to know your match on a deeper level.


50 Tinder Questions

1.     What is your favorite food?

It is important to know what foods your match likes, particularly if your first date is to a nice restaurant.

Restaurant dinner.

2.      Tell me something about your hobbies?

A person’s hobby says a lot about who they are. A question about hobbies will help you understand your Tinder match on a basic level while giving you an idea for the perfect date.

3.     What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

The answer to this question should let you know how far to go on a date. Some people are not into adventures on a date and prefer to do a basic dinner and a movie. However, if you learn that your match is adventurous, then going hot air ballooning might be romantic and different.

4.     Why are you on the dating app Tinder?

Asking a person why they are on a dating app, gives them the opportunity to tell you that they are looking for a friend-with-benefits relationship or a real commitment.

5.     Where would you travel to if you could go anywhere in the world?

Bringing up the travel question gives your match the opportunity to talk about his/her dream vacation and if he/she enjoys traveling.

6.     Do you like sports entertainment?

It might surprise you that many women are familiar with sports and love sports just as much as you do. Now you have a buddy who will watch Thursday night football with you.

7.     Tell me about your family?

The family question allows your match to either open up and tell you how important family is or let you know that the family situation is strained for whatever reason.

8.     What is your faith walk like?

If you are a spiritual person and this part of your life is important, then you may want to know if you have a person who is a spiritual match. Someone who has a strong faith walk will be happy to speak about a higher power.

9.     Do you enjoy taking selfies?

If you have a match who loves taking selfies then you usually have someone who enjoys looking into the mirror. This person can either have a healthy relationship with self and loves life or is very selfish. You will have to decide which one as you get to know your match.

10.     Are you a homebody?

There are some people who enjoy staying at home and watching television. If you are an extrovert and enjoy going out, this will be a good thing to know.

Watching TV while eating popcorn.

11.     Are you good with effective communication?

Getting to know someone means being with a person who is not afraid to open up and be vulnerable. This may take some time because realistically, you are still a stranger. However, a match who wants to get to know you will effectively communicate with you.

12.     Describe yourself to me in 5 words?

A match describing himself/herself will give you more insight into what this person thinks about himself/herself. Listen to the energy during the description to make sure you have someone who is positive and does not have negative energy.

13.     What kind of romantic gifts do you like?

A match may tell you that roses or candy makes her smile or she may say that it is the simple things like writing a romantic poem or letter. Pay close attention so that you can give her these types of gifts on a regular basis.

14.     May I have your telephone number and email address?

Keeping in contact is a must in order to start dating someone. Getting to know each other means telephone calls, text messages, and emails just to say that you are thinking about your match.

15.     Do you have children?

Chances are that you will meet a match who has children from a previous relationship. This is important to know so that your match can arrange a time between the children and you.

16.     What are the ages of your children?

Knowing the ages of your matches children will let you know if you will be dealing with a small child that requires much more attention or a teenager who is often involved in activities outside of the home.

17.     What is your favorite movie of all time?

Knowing your match’s favorite movie will tell you what kinds of movies are enjoyed most by your match. Are they romance, action, comedies, or some other type of movie? Of course, this question also gives your match the opportunity to let you know that movies are not high on the priority list.

18.     When is the best time to connect with you?

Connection is important for any relationship to grow. Allowing your match to tell you when her schedule is not as busy lets your match know that you are thoughtful about her time spent with you.

19.     Do you like someone who tells jokes?

Getting the answer yes to this question about telling jokes, will let you know that your match loves to laugh. Oftentimes, laughter and jokes can break the ice on a date or over the telephone.

Laughing woman with laptop.

20.     Do you like going to a club/bar?

This will be a great question for someone who enjoys clubs and may want to take a date there. A club will allow you to have an alcoholic drink, dance, and just have fun without getting too serious. However, if your match is not the club type, you will need to think of another date idea.

21.     What is your personality like?

The personality question allows your match to say if she is an introvert who does not like being in a room filled with people, or an extrovert who loves being around people. Getting this information will help you decide on a good date idea that will make your match comfortable.

22.     What are your most unique Tinder questions?

Get your match talking about what questions she has been asked while on the dating app. Chances are, if she remembers the questions that were most intriguing, it may be something that you need to ask.

23.     What kinds of animals do you like?

Asking about animal preference gives your match an opportunity to tell you that he/she is a dog or cat lover. It may be that your match does not like animals at all or may be allergic to animal fur.

24.     What is the best gift you have given to someone?

Asking about the best gift given, allows your match to show a softer side of giving to someone else. You can see if your match loves spoiling his/her significant other with the best gifts that can be given or if there is little thought into giving anyone anything.

25.     What do you do on your days off from work?

Learning more about what your match does on days off from work will tell you how he/she handles those things that need to be done or how your match relaxes. While many people choose to rest on a day off from work, there are also chores that may need to get done. This may also be a good way to spend some quality time with your match.

26.     Do you get easily angered?

If your match gets easily angered, then you may need to watch what and how you say things. People who anger easily may be oversensitive to the pettiest things.

27.     What are some strange things that you do?

Your match shows his/her vulnerability by telling you things that are meant to be private. You may be surprised at the odd things your match does and some of these things may leave you having this in common.

28.     Are you into going to the gym to exercise?

If you enjoy exercising, then having a match who enjoys exercising too, will give you a buddy to take with you to the gym. However, if your match does not regularly go to the gym, you may be the one to get them there.

29.     Do you stay up late at night?

A match who stays up late at night may have insomnia and find it difficult to get a restful sleep. A romantic telephone call from you could help him/her relax and fall into a deep sleep.

30.     Do you wake up early in the morning?

People who wake up early in the morning are usually highly productive during the day. Give your match an early morning telephone call or text message to say good morning and to have a great day.

A teenager texting in his bedroom in the morning.

31.     Would you prefer to go to a concert or Broadway show?

Giving your match a choice between going to a concert or a Broadway show gives your match an opportunity to tell you a music or artist preference or if he/she prefers Broadway-style shows.

32.     Who are your favorite sports teams?

Most people have a favorite sports team, even if it is a team from your city. A favorite sports team conversation can show your match that you have something in common, which is a love of sporting events.

33.     What are your favorite snacks or sweets to eat?

Use your match’s favorite sweets or snack information to give a gift basket with everything he or she loves to eat on a rainy day.

34.     What things are you grateful for?

Your match will probably love this question most of all because it allows him/her to open up about the people and things that are most important in life. Most people will say children, family, good friends, love, support from others, or financial freedom.

35.     What is something you like about me?

Asking your match how he/she feels about you will give her a chance to tell you what a great person you are and some of the traits that make you attractive to him/her. This is a solid foundation to build into a great relationship with your match.

36.     What is something that annoys you more than anything?

While your match may be the best person in the world, there are always things that will annoy the most patient person. Give your match the space to say what annoys him/her without judgment from you. When your match feels the freedom to say what is felt, it will draw him/her closer to you and make your relationship stronger.

37.     What is your favorite color?

Knowing your match’s favorite color will help when you have birthday parties and want to know what colors to use for decorations. Use your match’s favorite color in gift baskets and other presents to show that you are listening.

38.     Can you cook well and if so what is your favorite dish to make?

A man or woman who cooks well is the way to a person’s heart. There is nothing like inviting your match over for a delicious home-cooked meal and great conversation.

39.     Are you a people pleaser or do you walk to your own drumbeat?

What a great way to discover the traits of your match. Some people get back into the dating game because a friend or a family member has encouraged them to do so. However, some people want to start living life on their own terms.

Group of friends talking.

40.     Are you into social media and if so, what accounts do you have?

Social media is the new thing to do in these times. Following social media influences with likes and shares has gone mainstream. Start a conversation with your match to see where he/she stands in the social media game for an interesting and intriguing conversation.

41.     Do your read quotes for daily inspiration?

Find out where your match draws inspiration. Many people place quotes in their rooms and around their homes. Start a conversation about some of your match’s favorite quotes that keep him/her motivated in life.

42.     Do you enjoy going to the spa?

Find out if your match would like a spa date for a nice relaxing day. The couple that relaxes together, will find comfort and contentment in just being together.

43.     What is your favorite restaurant?

Taking your match to a favorite restaurant in the city will earn you bonus points in the love game. Your match will appreciate that you took the time to find out what he/she enjoys most when eating a favorite dish.

44.     Are you open for a brunch or dinner date?

A great brunch date in the middle of the afternoon or a romantic late-night dinner is a great way to get to know your date better. You may get to snuggle up close with your match and learn what makes him/her tick.

45.     What is the worst thing that someone has said about you?

Your match’s vulnerable side can be shown when they explain what negative things that people have said about him/her. Be empathetic with your match and encourage him/her to move forward. If you go looking for trouble, you will most likely find it.

46.     How is your relationship with your parents?

A family relationship should be the most important in your life. Start a conversation with your match to see how he/she feels about mom and dad. This will give you insight into how your match handles life in general.

47.     Do you live alone?

While some women may be skeptical to tell you initially that they live alone for fear of you being a stalker, the topic should feel more comfortable for your match to tell you she lives alone after talking on the telephone and having multiple conversations.

48.     What is your favorite pizza place?

If your match loves pizza, then going on a fun pizza date can be something you can put on your to-do list. After all, most people love pizza and this is a great way to break the ice of getting to know someone.

49.     Do you listen to podcasts?

If your match is interested in podcasts, it can indicate that your match is interested in learning from those that are inspirational. Knowing the type of podcasts your match listens to, can say a lot about how they or think and his/her personality.

A young woman enjoying the podcasts that she listens to.

50.     Do you keep up with world and local news?

Keeping up with the world and local news tells you that your match is concerned about knowing what is going on in the world. This person can be a serious thinker or someone who is concerned about world changes.


If you are just beginning to date or are new to the dating game because of divorce or another event, you may have anxiety about what questions to ask while getting to know someone.

Dating apps like Tinder can help you get back into the dating game and match you with an appropriate mate based on your survey questions. Asking Tinder questions will help you get the answers you need to make sure that both of you are compatible.

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