Receding Hairline Buzz Cut: Will It Suit You?

A buzz cut is a very short haircut where the hair is clipped close to the head with a razor. Depending on various factors, buzz cut receding hairlines can redefine and transform the head, giving the recipient a youthful look that he thought was gone when the hair began to recede.

So a buzz cut redefines the hair, and no one will ever guess that the receding hairline was a problem!

Why is the Buzz Cut Good for a Receding Hairline?

When the hair is short, thinning patches become less obvious, and once the buzz cut has been completed, weather permitting, it is a good idea to get some sun on the top of the head. Not enough UV rays to get burnt, but enough to even up the skin tone, and give a healthy glow to the scalp.

Young man checking hair in the mirror.

As otherwise, the white scalp will be obvious through the thinning hair, so the scalp and facial skin need to be evened out by a couple of short trips to the pool or beach. Nothing says summer like a buzz cut, and every man who swims has one regularly! Not only does it disguise a receding hairline, but it defines the shape of the head, and suits most men.

The buzz cut to best suit a receding hairline is to keep the cut at the same short length all over, as this is the look that makes thinning hair less obvious, and it is a cut where you don’t even notice the hairline at all.

For example, if you have long hair with a bald patch towards the front of the head many men do a “comb-over” especially at the front of the head to conceal the receding hairline. Of course, the comb-over only draws attention to the receding hairline and looks ridiculous and aging.

Great Buzz Cut Styles for a Receding Hairline

  • Try the short cut where the hair is the same length all over.
  • A crew cut where the hair is short on the sides and very slightly longer on top.
  • Taper fade buzz cut allows hair some transition.
A smiling man sporting a buzz cut.

Once the hair grows a bit, many men use some product on top giving a spiky look and this also takes the focus away from the hairline. A lot depends on the shape of the person’s head, and if the buzz cut does suit you it is a stylish look. People won’t be looking at the receding hairline, but instead, will be focused on the look and style of the cut.

If you have a beard, the buzz cut is a very good choice of cut for a short summer beard, and no one wants too much hair in the heat. Men in the Forces always had very short buzz cuts, and when you lead a busy life it takes very little care, just a wash in the shower, and a regular re-cut to keep the length short.

Will a Buzz Cut Suit Me?

The truth is, a buzz cut suits most men, and if you feel doubtful about getting the cut don’t be as it is so much better than going for the comb-over look. Take some before and after photos so you can see for yourself. If you are very overweight it is often better to leave a bit more hair on top of the head or adopt a beard style that rounds out your face.

For men who have always had a buzz cut, like sporting coaches and personal trainers, we don’t notice when the hair starts to recede, as it is part of their style.

Another profession that nearly always has a buzz cut is the lifesavers, a job where they are often in the water, and wear a little cap where buzz cut receding hairline wouldn’t even be noticed when they are keeping the public safe all day.

Sooner or later most men lose some hair, due to hereditary factors, so it is important to get used to it with the best possible buzz cut, to preempt hair loss.

Why Does the Male Hairline Recede?

According to experts, the male hairline starts to recede anytime after puberty and commences above the temples.

Hereditary traits and family history are mainly what influence male hair loss. Hormonal change can also influence these patterns. If your hair loss pattern is considered age-related you won’t be given treatment however, you may want to go and get a buzz cut to even out the look.

There is a drug that helps to promote hair growth. It does in fact have side effects (Propecia) and will promote regrowth of hair, but can cause a risk of prostate cancer, and a lower sex drive. If the hair is just thinning, this will happen gradually, and a buzz cut works well for thinning hair, by blunting it off and allowing it to grow back coarser.

The reality is that male baldness cannot occur without the presence of inherited genes that can be passed down by either parent, and genetic hair loss is a polygenic trait and not just caused by one gene.

This says that hair loss genes are not just caused by one side of the family but can be contributed to by the whole gene pool. Early diagnosis of severe hair loss is important, as it is best treated in the early stages where medications can help.

Also, topical drugs that penetrate into the hair follicles are able to be applied when the problem starts early. It is a type of liposome-DNA mixture that can be introduced directly into the cells to generate new hair.

Buzz Cut Receding Hairline

You may decide to do your own buzz cut at home. During lockdown last year, many of us bought clippers and learned new hairdressing skills, as all hairdressers closed, due to the risk of viral infection. It took some practice on family members, but the buzz cut was perfected with the use of the right clippers.

Make sure you have the right clippers with two different taper guards, one for the right ear and one for the left ear, as when doing your own hair cut it is important that you don’t nick your ears. Stand in front of a big mirror while cutting your hair, and take your time.

Stress can also contribute to hair loss, and if you have a stressful job you might begin to lose your hair early, and this happens in both women and men.

Does a Buzz Cut Hide Baldness

No, it doesn’t hide baldness, but merely takes the focus away from the condition. Some people say that the more advanced the receding hairline, the shorter the hair on top of the head should be.

The hair color is also important and the contrast of pale skin, and black hair, make the receding hairline a bit more noticeable. If you like a shorter buzz cut then it probably suits you and if the style flatters you stay with it.

Best Haircut for Receding Hairlines

1.     One of the best buzz cuts for receding hairlines is to have a tapered crop with front volume. The sides are very short and the top is dense and wavy with a product that keeps it in place, making it glossy. The attention is focused entirely on the top of the hair.

2.     Brushed upsides, get that casual windswept look with the same length all over. Don’t groom it just leave it untidy to capture that slightly longer buzz cut look.

3.     Totally bald, have your hair buzzed down to zero, like “Yule Brynner in the King and I”. This is a great look, and when you tire of it grow your hair back. If you have the right-shaped head this is a look that some men carry off well.

4.     The all-over crew cut. Same length sides and top, this is such a neat look, and will certainly take the focus off your receding hairline.

5.     Older men. This is an uber stylish way to rock your baldness without having to shave your entire head, buzz cut for older men.

The hair is buzzed uniformly all over the head, but it doesn’t get too short, which is key because it creates an even length. This style goes especially well with a beard, which will add extra weight and draw attention away from the baldness.

6.     George Clooney’s spiky buzz cut. George Clooney says he often cuts his own hair. His spiky buzz cut receding hairline is not noticeable when he does the spiky buzz cut, and he always looks well groomed.

Children and Buzz Cuts

The schools love buzz cuts, as the boys look neat and hygienic, it stops the transmission of headlice which all kids get at some time in their school life. To stop the headlice from attaching to the hair shaft, once you have given your boy a really short buzz cut condition the hair well, as this stops the headlice from attaching to the hair.

All boys look cute with a buzz cut, and for a few more years they don’t have to worry about having a receding hairline.

Consult a Colorist

A buzz cut receding hairline can be helped by consulting a colorist. Buzz cut the sides, leaving a couple of inches of hair on the top. When you go to the colorist ask for some contrasting colors. If you are blond get some streaks, and you’ll look “surf ready”.

However, the whole point is that it takes the focus away from the receding hairline and gives the recipient that surfie look. Keep the top to a couple of inches all summer and get the hair highlighted every 10 or 12 weeks.

It is worth setting the time aside to do this, as it totally removes the focus from the hairline, and everyone will say that you look younger. A good colorist will take 10 years off your age, by selecting the right colors for your skin tone.

Keeping Hair Healthy

Regular haircuts like buzz cuts keep the hair healthy, as it removes any split ends allowing the hair to bounce back. Hair grows quite quickly and you will need to get a buzz cut every 6-8 weeks, and a good cut to minimize a buzz cut receding hairline will make a huge difference to the health of your hair.

If your hair is thinning, this is particularly important as there are certain products that can be rubbed into your scalp and may stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. Just massaging the scalp with oils is said to aid hair growth, while using hot towels to open up the hair follicles.

The other aspect is a healthy diet, to keep our hair shiny and glossy naturally, important to both men and boys.

Percentage of Men With Receding Hairlines

According to research posted in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, up to 80 percent of European men may have a receding hairline by the time they are 80 years old. As hair loss is a natural part of aging.

There are thousands of hair follicles on the surface of the scalp, each growing hair, but as you can see, there is so much that we can do to stave off the receding hairline and prevent hair loss. When we can’t stop it from receding there are other things we can do to make the hair look great.


A buzz cut receding hairline style is easy to achieve and will make your hair look amazing for a few more years. The good thing is you don’t need a lot of money to get a buzz cut, and it is a style that suits nearly everyone, especially when you add some rugged facial hair.

If you have wavy hair the slightly longer buzz cut can hide that receding hairline beautifully. Olive skin also hides a multitude of hair problems as darker skin won’t show the contrast. Buzz cuts never go out of fashion and are so very cool in the hot weather.

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