10 Best Fat Man Beard Styles That Will Suit Your Face!

There are many misconceptions about beards, including that they can wear by skinny men and only by men with long hair. Even if you fall into the first category, don’t let that stop you from growing your facial hair or finding new ways to style it!

Fat men with beards should never settle for less than the best beard styles and products out there. This guide will give you everything you need to start styling your beard and rocking your look in no time!

10 Best Beard Styles For Fat Guys

1.     The Chinook

The Chinook is the most popular beard style for fat guys. It can be styled long or short, curly or straight and it’ll look great with every outfit. This style has been popular for men who have a lot of facial hair.

This style is identified by long, thick beards, but it can be defined as having a beard that is longer than the rest of the face. Chinook beards are often worn by men with big foreheads, which gives them the appearance of being serious and focused.

Long bearded man taking a photo.

The style requires a certain amount of effort to maintain, but once you have got it down, it’s all about keeping a clean-shaven face without fading out your chinstrap. Chinooks can range from short and stubbly on the sides of your face to too long and thick on top, but they all share one thing: a soft, gentle curl that looks great no matter what length you go for.

2.     The Grizzly Bear

This beard style works best for those who have a square face shape and are looking for something bolder than the chinook. The grizzly bear starts at about an inch high and flares out from there, making it easy to style without looking unkempt.

The grizzly beard styles are one of the most popular beard styles in the world. The reason for this is that it looks so good on a fat guy. This beard style is perfect for people who want to keep their beards short, but still, look professional.

The grizzly beard has been around for a long time, and it has been used by men all over the world as a way to express their personality and individuality.

3.     The Chin Strap Beard

This beard works best on men with narrow faces who want something that doesn’t overwhelm their face shape as some other styles do. Chin strap beard is worn in an upright position, so it’s not flat against the face.

A young man with chin strap beard wearing sunglasses.

Because of this, the chin strap beard style is especially suitable for fat guys who want to show off their facial hair. It’s a style that involves shaving your chin and then tying a band around it, which makes your beard look like it’s been pulled up into a little clip. It’s a popular style among hipsters and other modern men who are willing to stand out from the crowd.

4.     The Short Stubble

The short stubble beard styles will give you a clean-cut look and will make your face look less bulky. This type of short stubble gives the appearance of being longer than it is because it is cut shorter on one side than on the other side which makes it appear longer or fuller in certain areas when viewed from an angle.

This makes this style ideal for square-faced men who want their cheeks exposed and want their beards to appear fuller at times when viewed from an angle.

The short stubble beard is a good choice if you want something that looks good. This style doesn’t need much maintenance at all. In addition, most people think this style is more modern than other styles typically worn by men out today. It will appeal to those who love clean lines and basic designs while still being unique enough that those who aren’t into it won’t find it too strange looking either!

5.     The Viking Beard

Viking beard styles are the perfect fit for men with big, bushy beards. Viking beard styles feature long and narrow mustaches that can be trimmed to a certain length, or left at their full length. The men have a lot of facial hair, which is great for maintaining a strong chin line and jawline.

The long mustache will help you to look more mature and distinguished, while the shorter mustache will add more character to your face. The Vikings were known for having long beards, so you can emulate this look by growing out your beard and trimming it down occasionally.

6.     The Mutton Chops

The mutton chops beard style is a great choice for the fat guy looking to add some more volume. This style has a thick square shape that includes bulk to the face, while still maintaining a clean line around the face. It has a slightly longer length than other beard styles, which makes it perfect for men with larger heads.

A man with a cigar sporting a mutton chops beard.

The style features full facial hair growth, which means that it may take some time before you get used to how your new facial hair looks and feels. The mutton chops beard style needs little maintenance due to its short length and light density.

However, if you want to add some length to your mutton chops beard then you should trim it at least once every three weeks to keep it healthy and looking great!

7.     The Handlebar

The handlebar beard can be worn by men who have large chins and cheeks, as well as those with smaller frames. The handlebar shape of these beards gives them a definition and makes them stand out from other kinds of beards. They are often worn by men who want to appear more rugged or masculine while still looking like they could use a little extra fluff on their faces.

This style is short, but it doesn’t have to be messy or unkempt. A well-trimmed handlebar can look elegant and stylish, especially when paired with a mustache.

8.     The Pompadour

The pompadour beard style is one of the most popular beard styles for fat guys. It’s a classic, versatile look that can be worn by any man with confidence. The pompadour is characterized by a short but well-groomed beard on top of the head.

The sides and back of this style are left long enough to be styled with your favorite hair product. The front of your pompadour will be trimmed short, forming a ‘V’ shape that ends at a point at the chin line. It’s a great fit for men who have broader chins and wider faces, as it helps to balance out the proportions of your face.

9.     The Imperial Beard

Imperial beards are perfect for guys who have lots of facial hair already but aren’t quite ready for a full beard cut yet. They’re great for fat guys who want some extra length on their faces but don’t want too much bulk on top of that!

A full imperial beard will give your face some added dimension without taking away from how big your head is. The beard has a wide, flat shape and is worn high up on the chin or neck. The classic look of this beard style is clean-shaven, but you can opt for a scruffy look with some stubble.

10.     The Full Beard Cut

Full beard cuts are great for guys who don’t have much facial hair to speak of. They’re great for men who want to keep their facial hair short but still have a lot of it, this style lends itself well to long beards and long sideburns. It’s perfect for men who have a strong chin or cheeks and don’t need as much length on top of that!

Smiling bearded man.

This style that comes in two cuts, the long cut for men with long beards and the short cut for men with shorter beards. It is a great option for those who want to keep their facial hair but are not ready to commit to a full-growth or maintenance beard.

Can A Beard Make Face Look Thinner

A beard style can make you look younger and more masculine and it can make your face look thinner. A beard style will make your face look more angular, which gives the illusion of a thinner face. Additionally, when your hairline is higher on your head than when it is shaved, it will make your jawline look narrower and more defined.

Additionally, beards help to hide any neck fat or bumps that may be present. If you have large breasts or if you have a large waistline, then wearing a beard will help to conceal these areas of your body so that they do not stand out as much when viewed from above or below directly in front of you.

Pros And Cons Of A Beard On A Fat Face


  • Beard is a fashion accessory that can make you look more handsome and stylish.
  • Beard can be a great way to add some life to your face.
  • Beard will make you look more mature and attractive.
  • Beard gives you an extra edge in terms of fashion.
  • Beard helps to hide some of your flaws, like acne or excess fat.


  • You will have to spend time styling and grooming your facial hair.
  • You may have trouble keeping up with the maintenance of your facial hair if you’re trying to keep your body in shape.
  • It can be difficult to find clothes that fit properly around your facial hair, especially if you’re wearing it in a style that requires some kind of shaping or trimming.

Methods To Make Your Face Look Thinner

If you’re looking to make your face look thinner, there are a couple of different techniques that can help you achieve the desired effect.

Beard Trimming

Trimming your beard is one of the best ways to make sure that your face looks thinner. The stubble that results from trimming can help hide any imperfections on your face and add some volume to the top portion of your head.

It’s a good idea to keep a trimming kit on hand so that you can quickly fix any problems with your beard at any time.

Beard Waxing

Waxing is another popular method for making your face look thinner. This involves carefully applying hot wax to the skin around the hairline, which causes it to peel off slowly over time.

This helps reduce hair growth and adds more definition to facial features especially if combined with anti-hair growth products.

How To Grow A Beard On A Fat Face

The fat face is a term used to explain the condition of having a round, full face. Because of this, it’s difficult to grow a beard because hair won’t grow evenly on the face. However, there are a few ways you can grow your beard that will work on a fat face.

1.     You need to make sure that you have enough space around your face so that you can grow your beard. You want this space to be at least an inch wide, which will help your hair grow evenly and make shaving easier.

2.     Get some good quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair. After washing it with soap, rinse it out thoroughly before applying conditioner or shampoo. Then let it air dry before combing in any products like lotion or waxes.

3.     Finally, use scissors with sharp blades to trim around the edges of your face where no hairs are growing out from underneath them (this will prevent ingrown hairs). If you do this step too soon before starting to grow your beard then it won’t look as natural as it could otherwise have done if done properly in the first place!


For some men, having a beard is enough. However, if you want to get the most out of your beard, it’s important to understand how to style and groom it properly. To start with, beards are not one size fits all.

Some people can’t grow long facial hair because their chin doesn’t have enough density – meaning that their facial hair follicles just don’t grow past a certain length – or their genetics won’t allow them to.

On top of that, those who struggle with longer beards may find themselves with an uneven shape that’s too patchy and need more care on days when they’re too busy to shave. If you’re looking for styles that work best on fat men with beards then we’ve got you covered.

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