What Is The Green Heart On Tinder? A Deep Dive

If you’re not familiar, Tinder is a dating, hooking up, and chatting app. The hottest app right now is Tinder, which matches 26 million new people daily and has completely changed how people meet worldwide.

Tinder matches users based solely on their shared interests. It displays every man or woman in your neighborhood who might be a match for you.

Matchmaking has been radically altered by its distinctive swipe-right and swipe-left dating methods. As a further aid in the matching process, Tinder has added icons. The green heart icon symbolizes the “like” button on Tinder. To send a “like” to another user without swiping, a user can tap the green heart.

What Is The Green Heart On Tinder?

Users can tap icons on the screen instead of swiping, accomplishing the same goal. This produces the same result as a swipe to the right would have. Because it’s simpler, some Tinder users may tap the green heart icon instead of swiping.

Swiping left and right can become tiresome, especially if you have Tinder Gold’s unlimited swipes. To ease the pain, Tinder developed a way for users to tap a touchscreen device to like or dislike a profile.

Your potential match, that specific profile, or the user will know that you “Like” them if you tap the green heart button or icon or move your finger across the screen from left to right.

When your profile appears on their Tinder account, the two of you will be matched if they hit the Green Heart icon again or decide to “Like” you. When you give someone a green heart on Tinder, you express your admiration for their looks.

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The best part is that the other user won’t know you like them unless they press the green heart. When that occurs, Tinder notifies you that you have been matched, and you may choose if you want to start a conversation. However, the person won’t be informed that you’re interested if they tap the red X, as that will send a dislike.

Why Hit The Green Heart Instead Of Swiping?

Tapping the green heart instead of swiping may also be advantageous for not missing matches. Users may need to thoroughly read the profile when using the swiping process before quickly swiping.

You can use the green heart to send a “like” if you want to take your time when swiping. This will enable the user to sift through each profile by slowing them down. This will help you avoid missing profiles, especially if you’re on the accessible version of Tinder. Each match counts toward your daily like cap, a set daily number.

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Additionally, the green heart icon on Tinder can be helpful in certain situations, such as when you don’t want to draw attention to yourself while out with friends or in public. The older age group has also been observed to dislike using Tinder in public settings; in this regard, the green heart may be a quick and covert way to use Tinder.

By switching from the swipe-right feature to the green heart, you could prevent those irksome thumb spasms that appear when you are looking for a suitable match.


Tinder is a great dating app that does a great job of keeping its users safe while they search for love. While some people might not like how it uses compulsive elements like the green heart sign, it could also make it simpler for its users to find people.

Finding someone to match with on Tinder can be exhausting, but with new features like these icons, the strain for its users may be lessened, providing a method for them to find someone to go on a date with or spend their days with.

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