Why My Husband Looks At Other Females Online? Here Are Some Reasons Why

That elusive behavior of which you’ve recently become aware. As soon as you step through the door, your spouse shuts down the computer. On the other hand, he never seems to be in the same room as you because he is constantly checking his phone.

What would you do if you caught your husband swiping through women’s profiles on an online dating service? Is this behavior typical of guys, or should you be worried?

Are you going to approach him? What does it say about him if he’s swiping right on other women’s profiles? When he gets tired of you, does he consider cheating? The question is why you believe he no longer finds you attractive. Or should we not be concerned because such behavior is merely human and will not affect the success of our marriage?

Let’s examine why men look at other women online before discussing whether or not you should be concerned and what to do about it.

What Does It Mean When Your Husband Looks at Other Women?


It might feel like a betrayal when men stare at other women. There are several possible explanations for a husband’s interest in females, but the most basic is that he enjoys doing so. Nowadays, there are a plethora of online female content options to choose from.

Porn sites are the most obvious places for a man to go to view sexual behaviors online. Men can also talk to women in chat rooms specifically designed for that purpose. Then there are social networking sites like Facebook.

To determine the type of women he is interested in and the extent of their interactions, observe his gaze.

Man on couch watching on his phone.

Looking at Sexual Pictures

Let’s just call it what it is: porn if he is seeing sexually suggestive or nude photographs. Clearly, he is using this for masturbation if he is viewing pornographic stuff. Males, in particular, require visual stimulation in order to experience arousal from masturbation.

That’s only normal for him to act this way if that’s what he’s doing; does it worry you? Does the fact that he needs to engage in pornographic behavior suggest that you aren’t good enough for him?

If that’s the case, you should probably chat with your spouse about why he feels the need for so many different ways to satisfy his sexual urges. Although it may appear to you that he has a pornographic fixation, this is not necessarily the case.

Spending Quite a Lot of Time in Chatrooms

There are people who are glued to their computers all the time. Some of my close friends are glad to have me over for coffee and chat, but once they get me there, they won’t stop looking at their phones the whole time. Despite the fact that I am standing right in front of them, they do not acknowledge my presence because they are too engrossed in looking at their phones.

It’s beyond my ability to understand.

Therefore, it’s probable that your husband is the only person who has ever experienced this. Every single one of his interactions with other people takes place in online forums. Instead, put your attention on the tone that each interaction has.

Is it possible that he flirts too much? When will he make the suggestion that we meet in person? Does he regularly communicate and receive sexually graphic images with other people (both sending and receiving)?

At that time, there is good reason to be concerned.

If it’s just some light-hearted teasing between folks you know well, you have no reason to be concerned about it. The analogy holds true for various platforms used online. If your spouse spends a lot of time on social media sites, you should probably ask him if the individuals he follows are people he truly knows. This is especially important if your husband follows a lot of celebrities.

It’s possible that your husband is only interested in the shape of the female body when he’s looking at sensual photographs of women on the internet in his spare time. In point of fact, he is predisposed, much like the majority of men, to like the female form. Without it, we’d never be able to start a family.

Tip: You have to determine whether he is simply being inquisitive and satisfying a normal need, or whether he is becoming obsessed with his behavior.

Remember that it is in a man’s nature to be drawn to beautiful women. This is something that you should not be surprised by, in the same way, that a man in a movie or show on television who is attractive naturally captures our attention when he appears on the screen. It’s a natural and perfectly healthy reaction to the experience of being around someone of the opposite sex.

How to Tell if Your Husband is in Love with Another Woman

Jealous wife confronting husband with his phone.

It is one thing for women to remark that their “boyfriend stares at other girls” or that their “husband looks at other females on Facebook,” but it is something entirely different for such men to actively interact with those women.

Does any of these women ever talk to your husband? Does he ever talk to any of them? And by “contact,” do you understand mean things like clicking “like” or leaving a comment on their images, initiating a chat with them, or exchanging phone numbers?

In other words, this school of thinking adheres to the principle of “see but don’t touch.” When a male takes the initiative to communicate with a woman by initiating activities like chatting, texting, meeting up, or Facetiming, an innocent-seeming can turn into a severe problem very quickly.

There are males who keep in touch with their many female friends primarily through the medium of the internet. Is it true that this previously mentioned friend is being concealed? Is it okay if I listen in on your husband’s conversation with his new girlfriend?

Have you inquired with him about the possibility of reading his texts? His call logs on the phone? What exactly is he up to in his prior life online? If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.

However, there can be a problem if the behavior becomes secretive or compulsive after a certain point. Is there ever a time when he says anything that she shouldn’t overhear? Is he never off of his phone, even while he’s supposed to be chatting with you these days?

It is possible that he is developing romantic affection for another lady based on the behaviors he is displaying. Or, he has ulterior motives and intends to cheat on you. And what, if anything, are your options for dealing with the situation?

What Should I Do If My Husband Looks At Other Females Online?

Young couple talking seriously with each other.

Be Honest and Open with Each Other

The most important thing to do is communicate. Being able to tell your husband how you really feel about his wandering eye and then listening to what he has to say about it is really important.

Nevertheless, it is also vital to go through your feelings without attaching blame or making someone feel guilty because of what they are doing.

To move forward, it is preferable to demonstrate empathy and understanding by speaking up about how you feel vulnerable and unwanted rather than pointing the finger at someone.

Have a Realistic View of the Outcome

Masturbation is inevitable in males. Also, they’ll want to gaze at something sexual as they work, regardless of your feelings about it.

Whether you choose to act like a nun and suffer a heart attack, or whether you choose to accept this as part of a regular sex life (which it is), it is your choice. While you can’t force him to disclose what he sees online, you may ask him to be forthright and honest.

Establishing some reasonable boundaries inside your relationship is a good idea while you’re at it. It is reasonable to suppose, for example, that he does not stare at or engage in pointless conversation with the girls he finds beautiful.

It’s possible that finding out your husband is using dating apps and sites to “swipe right” on other women will be upsetting, but it doesn’t have to be.

If both parties are willing to engage in honest dialogue with one another and demonstrate compassion for the points of view held by the other, it ought to be possible to work through this problem.

Is It Normal For Your Husband To Look At Other Girls?

Man looking at the girl on a street.

Is it normal for your husband to look at other girls? Yes, it is. It might seem odd, but this is a normal part of a healthy relationship. Your husband is attracted to other women and admires their beauty. He appreciates it because he values you. Your husband wants to stay loyal to you, so he doesn’t act on his desires, but admiring other women is natural and healthy for a male relationship.

A man has an innate need to feel desired and admired by the opposite sex. This is an essential part of being human and shouldn’t be suppressed. Your husband can’t put you on a pedestal and admire you all the time.

To get his admiration fixed, he needs to see other women. Of course, your husband should express his affection for you differently, but he also needs to see and admire other women.

It’s not the same as if he goes out at night looking for female companionship or sexual gratification from someone else. That’s called adultery, and that can be very dangerous. Instead, you and your husband are in a healthy relationship where your husband admires other women for keeping you in his orbit.

How Do You Know If Your Husband Is Thinking Of Another Woman?

How do you know if your husband is thinking of another woman? Many couples go through that kind of challenge each year. They wonder what they can do to make things happen to repair a relationship. That is well worth the time and something to consider in time.

The experience is changing and couples find renewed hope in one another. These couples are waiting for guidance, so they should talk to a counselor sometime soon. That advice might guide them to a new level of understanding.

Talk to the counselor and seek out a reason why the problem occurs. That is special advice and might direct the relationship in new ways. How do you know if your husband is thinking of another woman? The answer to that question is going to change many lives. The relationship can be mended, so spend time and money on that effort for the future.


If your husband is looking at other women online, there could be a variety of reasons as to why he is doing so. Some reasons may be innocent, others not so innocent. Either way, there is no point in driving yourself crazy over it.

If you suspect that something is going on behind the screen of the phone or laptop, then confront your husband about it and let him know how his behavior makes you feel. The two main things here are that you are both honest about the situation and that you have realistic views on how to deal with it.

The outcome may not be what you want and it may be emotionally painful to talk about. But having everything out in the open is better than keeping things bottled up. If we don’t talk about these things, it may make the whole situation worse, and that’s not good for anyone.

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